How to Plan a Stress-Free House Move

How to Plan a Stress-Free House Move

It’s well known that moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life, but it’s one nearly everybody has to go through at some point. While it may not be possible to entirely eradicate stress from your move, there are things you can do to minimize the stress for everyone involved and make it a more enjoyable experience.

After all, most moves take place for positive reasons – new job, new family, buying a bigger house – so it’s a time to be happy and looking forward to a brighter future.

You don’t want to start off in your new home worn out, stressed to a frazzle and fighting with your nearest and dearest, so use these tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Be positive

Most people don’t like change, because it is perceived as a kind of threat. The familiar world that they live in is about to be turned on its head, and despite the reasons for moving being positive, the process of moving still involves a level of upheaval. If you’re in charge of the move, make sure everyone involved knows exactly why you’re moving and what the benefits will be of having a new home.

Be reassuring, and point out all the ways the move will enable you all to have a better, happier life. If your family is very attached to your current home, think of ways to bring a little more of the old house to the new.

This could be the transfer of treasured plants from the backyard, redecorating in the same colors as the old house, or putting up pictures of it on your new walls. Find out as much as you can about what facilities and opportunities there are for everyone in your new area.

For example, maybe there is a riding stables nearby, or a forest for hiking in; maybe you’ll be closer to the beach, or a multiplex cinema. There are many ways in which to change fear of the unknown into the excitement of adventure, which is a much better attitude to making a move.

Dealing with the paperwork

There will be a lot of documentation to deal with as the house purchase and the sale of your own property progress. It’s a pain, but it’s unavoidable, so take care of everything as soon as it lands in your inbox or on the doormat.

Leaving these chores could delay your sale or even cause it to fall through, so staying on top of the process is vital. A good realtor and lawyer will be great allies in making sale and purchase operate smoothly, and staying in contact with them on a regular basis is very important.

Make sure you have searches and building inspections done thoroughly and to a high standard, so you don’t get any shocks after you move. As well as the legal documents and affairs, you need to sort out your utilities (e.g., water and power), services (e.g., phone and broadband connection) and update your new details for mail deliveries.

Packing and preparing

Hiring a removals firm to transport everything for you is a very worthwhile investment, as it will save you a great deal of time, effort and stress. If you can, get the movers to pack everything for you too. It can take months to wrap up ornaments and breakables yourself, but they can do it in a few hours and will have specialist packing materials and cases to keep everything safe.

Look online for a list of national moving companies and get quotes from at least three of them. Make sure you are clear about what you do and don’t want from them so there is no confusion on the day, and don’t forget to include all your outside belongings like the contents of sheds and garages and any plant pots, play equipment or garden features you’re taking with you.

Clearing out

Whether you decide to go for a full packing service or do it yourself, there’s one very important job to do before any packing takes place. This is the time to clear out all the things you don’t want or need any more, so you’re not taking a lot of junk to the new house.

Go through everyone’s clothes, shoes and coats and take anything you haven’t worn for a while to the thrift store. Have a look for any books, DVDs, magazines, equipment, toys and kitchenware that haven’t been used for over a year, and donate them or sell them.

It’s surprising how much sheer rubbish you can accrue over the years, so go through all your cupboards, drawers, closets, and loft spaces and dispose of the detritus you’ve accumulated that has no worth.

Preparing the new house

You may be limited as to what you can do before you move in if you pick up the keys the same day as you leave your current dwelling. If you do have some time in between, cleaning everything is a good plan, as you are effectively erasing the footprint of the previous owners.

Decorating before you move is well worth doing if you can, because it’s much easier to paint an empty room than one already filled with furniture and boxes. If you can transfer things like curtains and blinds it will make the new house seem more welcoming and less stark, and little touches like putting up familiar pictures on the walls and putting soap and towels in the bathroom will all contribute to that feeling of comfort and being home.

By making some sound, actionable plans you will be much better organized and able to deal with any problems that arise. Do everything you can to make the experience enjoyable, and avoid the pitfalls of poor planning and failing to keep on top of your paperwork.

Although moving can be highly stressful, it doesn’t have to be if you do your homework and make good preparations. Your family will also manage the situation and their attitudes, making your move noticeably less stressful and enabling you all to make the most of the excitement of moving.

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