Collecting Wooden Model Ships

Collecting Wooden Model Ships

People of all ages collect model ships for a wide variety of reasons. There are even museums and organizations dedicated to the hobby of model ship collecting. Premier Ship Models offers wooden model ships in ready-made models, custom model boats & yacht models, and kits for collectors who prefer to build their own ships.

If you want to start a model ship collection, start by taking some time to decide what type of ships to collect. Some collectors limit their collections to one type, such as military ships or historical vessels.

Others like to include a few different types of ship models in their collections. There are many options, such as historical, antique ships, model sailboats, military models, tankers, and modern ships.

Once you have decided on the type of ships you want to include in your collection, you should set a budget for how much you are willing to invest in your collection.

Model ships are available in a few different ranges, from standard to superior and custom model ships with superior and custom models being more expensive.

Types of Ship Models

Collectors who also have an interest in history often choose to focus their collections on ships that have historical significance. You may decide to focus on one time period or collect ships from various periods in history. Collections based on history often include clippers, steamers, sailing ships from the 17th and 18th century, models of ships used on famous voyages in history, or a tall model ship.

Modern sailing ships look great alone or as part of a larger ship model collection. There are many types of model sailboats and sailing ships, including catamarans, yachts, fishing and commercial sailing ships, racing yachts, sloops, trimarans, and many other types of sailing boats.  

Current and former members of the military and military history enthusiasts often choose to collect models of military ships. You may want to include military models, such as the USS Ronald Reagan, USS California, air craft carriers, war ships, and many other modern military ships. If you love battleships, there are a wide variety of modern battleship models to fill out your collection.

Do you prefer the look of modern ships and boats? You may decide to collect models of modern ships. There are numerous options for modern model ship collections, from passenger boats and yachts to models of large cruise liners. When building your collection, you may want to include passenger boats, cruise liners, fishing vessels, yachts, and modern sailboats.

Throughout history, people have taken to the sea in the spirit of exploration and also for commercial purposes. Commercial shipping continues to be an important global industry. Modern ship collectors sometimes build collections of modern commercial shipping vessels. These collections may include ship models of tankers, bulk carriers, and container ships.

Regardless of the type of ship and time period of history that you want to include in your collection, you will find abundant options for model ships to build a unique collection. Ready-made models and custom models are available in a variety of ranges, from quality basic models to museum quality model ships that are exact replicas of the original ship to provide models to suit every preference and budget.

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