Choose the Right Sleeper Sofa for your Home

Choose the Right Sleeper Sofa for your Home

If you are low on space and are looking for functional pieces of furniture, the sleeper sofa is your ideal choice. A sleeper sofa is a sofa that can fold down into a bed at night. If you do not have a designated guest room, the sofa is a safe bet.

Similarly, if you have a tiny house, the sleeper sofa is a versatile addition to your space. There are a number of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

A sleeper sofa comes with a minimalist style and carries a contemporary look which will blend with your modern and contemporary décor.

Here are some of the best sleeper sofas available in the market.

1. Cassius Quilt Deluxe Sofa:

This is a versatile sleeper sofa which is available in a wide range of fabrics and finishes. It allows customization and has a more traditional style. It can be conveniently converted into a full-size bed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

2. Cubed sofa:

The cubed sofa is anything but square. It comes in two variants- with arms and armless. The armless sofa exposes the side profile of the sleeper and gives it a modern look. It comes in different sizes so you can choose based on your requirements.

The cube sofa with arms has a more traditional style and it adds practicality to the furniture. It is more customary and has a few choices of fabrics.

3. Splitback Sofa:

The Splitback is a classic with modern elements. It is a sleeper that will fit your needs and style. It comes with a simple forward pull to turn the sofa into a bed. It has a single backrest which creates a stylish look.

Alternatively, you can choose a split back sofa with arms to get a more refined style. It is equipped with modern arms with the same folding mechanism.

4. Oldschool Sofa:

As the name suggests, the old school sofa has a modern and practical design perfect for vintage lovers. There is a choice of standard button tufted fabric or a custom fabric.

In order to accommodate guests, all you need to do is pull each portion of the backrest forward to lay down flat. If the primary purpose of the sofa is to sleep, this is a safe bet for you.

5. Supermax Quilt Deluxe Sofa:

The supermax comes in different variants. It has a combination a button tufted seat and a backrest which is timeless and classic. Another variant is the deluxe excess lounger which is a bit more luxurious and has a queen size mattress. It will give you more room for a spacious sleeping experience.

6. Zeal Deluxe Daybed:

This is a perfect option if you are limited on space. It has a delicate look as compared to other sleepers and is more like a lounger than a sofa. Its backrest does not move but the pocket spring mattress folds up and down to give a comfy resting place.

7. Frode Sofa:

This sofa is minimalist. It has a simple look and all comfort. There are no cushions, backrest or seat which gives it a contemporary look. It can be folded into a full-size bed with ease.

8. Dual Sofa:

The dual sofa comes with and without arms. It is an overall sleeper which feels comfortable and will fit most design styles. It has a simple and smart tufting and comes with a choice of fabric colors. You can simply remove the back cushions and pull the seat out by laying the backrest down in order to convert it into a bed.

The dual sofa with arms has sleek and stylish arms and can range from modern to sleek designs.

9. Unfurl Sofa:

The sofa has an elegant style which is perfect for your modern home or office. It has a simple, minimalist look with a steel frame and a 7-inch pocket spring mattress.

10. Toke Sofa:

The last one on our list, toke sofa is more about a traditional design. It has a slide-out design which converts into a full-size bed which is supported by steel legs.

It offers a clean and sturdy look. Do you Want the Best Sleeper Sofa? Here Are Our Top Picks! Consider your primary requirement and the availability of space when you decide on a sofa.

The versatile piece of furniture is easy to maintain and is highly durable. Your guests will fall in love with the style and functionality of the sleeper sofa inside your home.

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