7 Things You Should Do When In An Automobile Accident

7 Things You Should Do When In An Automobile Accident

Despite all the precautions you might take, it is not always possible to avoid accidents when driving a car. And if the collision happens because of a fault of the other party, you will be able to get compensation from them.

However, many car owners do not have a good idea of what they should do when they get involved in an auto accident.

In this post, we look at seven things you must do in such situations.

1. Check Your Injuries And Call For Medical Help

The very first thing you need to do is to check your injuries. Some injuries might not be painful and you may think that they are not a problem. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are all fine. There can be internal injuries that can lead to disastrous consequences later on.

In fact, there have been cases where people who seemed perfectly okay after an accident ended up dead because of internal organ damage. So, keep yourself away in a safe area and call for an ambulance.

2. Keep The Car Where It Is

Never move the car from the spot of the accident. Most local and state laws are very strict about it. So, if you moved the vehicle, you might end up destroying some evidence that could have worked in your favor. So, keep the car where it is and step out of it.

However, there are states and localities which require you to move the vehicle in order to avoid any possible traffic block. In such cases, you should move the vehicle to the side of the road.  

3. Call In The Authorities

Call the local police immediately after the crash. You need to understand that the other party will also try to contact the police. And this can turn against you. If you are the first one to contact the police and explain the situation, you will have the upper hand and can get the police to see you in a favorable light and the other party as an accused.

And this is exactly what you want since this will help you project yourself as the victim, thereby strengthening your chances of winning the personal injury lawsuit in the future.

4. Information Exchange With Drivers

It is also a good idea to exchange all important information with the drivers involved in the accident. These include details like full names, phone numbers, email ids, addresses, license number, insurance policy number, and so on.

This will help you later in the process of claiming the compensation. However, do remember to never have an apologetic attitude when talking to other drivers. Remain strong, maintain the composure of a victim, and get the required information.

5. Take Photos And Videos

You should also take some photos and videos of the accident spot. All the vehicles involved in the accident must be covered. Close-ups showing the condition of the vehicles, and long shots that show the nature of the accident must be taken.

In case your smartphone has been damaged in the accident, you can ask an onlooker for help, requesting them to take a few photos and videos and send them to your email id.  Such photos and videos will also help you strengthen your lawsuit.

6. Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

Contact a good personal injury lawyer and explain the situation to them. The faster you contact them, the better it will be since they will have a better chance of collecting positive evidence for your compensation claim. And if they are close by, they can arrive at the accident scene and interview a few witnesses that can turn out to be hugely helpful in winning your case.

If the accident happened in Orange County, you are in luck when it comes to finding a good injury lawyer. Did you know that there is a car accident law firm in Irvine and Orange County, California? Call them up as soon as you can, and they will definitely act fast and ensure that you build strong case.

7. Get Healed And Save Your Bills

Finally, when the ambulance arrives and takes you to the hospital, be sure to get yourself checked thoroughly. As explained earlier, ask the doctors to do a thorough check for internal injuries. Once the check up is done, the doctors will admit you to the hospital for proper care.

So, do as the doctors instruct you and get yourself healed. Remember to keep all your medical bills safe. You will need to produce them as proof in order to claim compensation for the injuries.

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