Things You Must Know Before Wood Floor Renovation

Things You Must Know Before Wood Floor Renovation

With the passage of time, it is quite common to witness the wear and tear of the wooden flooring. The scratches, dull look, discolouring are few common traits which are visible and do not look elegant with the marvellous interior. The renovation period of the wood floor depends upon the thickness of wood used in it and the manner it is maintained and cleaned.

For thick wood floors say ¾th inch, sanding is the usual process which is done at least 6 to 8 times and vice versa. No matter how thick or thin the wood flooring is, it at least once or twice requires professional renovation.

Among all forms of home improvement tasks, this is the mostly ignored by most of the home owners. However, among all types of refinishing this requires skill, time, research and apt knowledge. There are few advisable tips which one should duly follow so that best quality services are obtained from the team of experts. There are some vital steps to be followed to ensure complete renovation of the wood floor.

However, it depends upon the quality and condition of wear and tear.

5 important points to note down for complete wood floor renovation

Knowledge of wood floor structure

Before any renovation work starts, the experts do want to know the type of wood used and its typical applications. This helps the experts to know which type of wood finish should be used so that its durability can be retained. If appropriate finish is not applied, it might get deteriorated which further leads to small cracking and swelling.

The chemicals thus used in it are safely handled to avoid any skin damages. Specialists should be engaged in such handling to avoid any unseen situation.

Floor preparation is essential

Before you start any renovation work, you should prepare the floor. Floor preparation mainly includes the cleaning and identifying the holes and scratches. If you are following any DIY steps, you should prepare the floors.

The professionals themselves inspect the floor before starting the final job. None of the floors should be left else it might lead to an inconsistent and dull look. For different areas, different wood finishes are required. For example, for kitchen flooring, it is advisable to use the hardest quality wood.

Floor sanding

This is the most demanding and the most common processes of entire floor renovation. This is the very first step which removes the upper dust of the floor. It actually peels off the upper dirty layer, which comprises of stains, wood finishes and some wood too to provide a flat look. You can either rent a sanding expert or hire the team of experts for this.

Staining and sealing is the another step

Once the sanding work is done, the next comes staining and sealing. Where on one hand sanding provides flat look to the floor, it is important to provide lavish and elegant finish to it. For this, staining is important. On the sanded floor, appropriate wood finish is applied to relish its looks. Any form of dust and dirt is firstly cleared out before the staining work is started. Once the staining is done, sealing work is carried out.

Sealing is done to lock up the staining finish and provide a new look to the wooden floor. The wood floor renovation is incomplete without the appropriate use of sealing agents. Though the layers of the seal are quite thin yet it adds extra charm and beauty to the surface.

Selection of finishers

The finishers are actually the sealing agents which are used to provide a beautiful look to the wooden surface. The wooden floor has lots of pros as it provides aesthetic benefits to the people. The sealant or the finishers which you opt should be eco friendly and should not cause any sort of irritation. Kitchen being a high traffic area, the hardwood combined with effective sealant is used to avoid any damages caused due to water spills.

Above mentioned were few tips which are the core features to be considered while ensuring any renovation work. Unless and until you give appropriate time for its research, you might fail to obtain marvellous renovation services. In order to restore the quality and shininess of the floor, services of the experts should be chosen accordingly. When you choose the company, look down at below features.

  • Experience of the professionals
  • Control system used for dusting and sanding
  • What  quality of polyurethane they use for restoration
  • Cost range of particular services and so on.

Mere enhancing the floor looks is not enough, it is important that you prefer quality restoration of wood floor which will enhance its durability. You should mainly avoid Brisbane floor polishing at the time of rainy season.

The growth of fungus and other germs often increases at the moist places and the wood is obviously the best breeding place for them.

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