Why Should You Make Time for Meditating Every Day? Top 4 Benefits

Why Should You Make Time for Meditating Every Day? Top 4 Benefits

The human brain is complex and mysterious. It functions at incredibly high speeds and processes an immensely high number of things at the same time. The animal kingdom has several species that are faster, stronger and suppler than humans, but all of them fall short in comparison with the human mind.

For these qualities and more, humans are considered the most advanced species on earth. However, the human mind and body are not flawless. We are vulnerable, and we need constant care to remain in good shape.

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us have to juggle both personal and professional responsibilities and endure a high amount of stress in our daily lives, and on top of that, our bodies deal with increasing pollution.

All of these are just some of the factors that take a heavy toll on the human mind and body. That is when it becomes necessary for us to slow down and allow our minds and bodies to repair and rejuvenate.

The healing power of meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to heal a bruised and battered mind and improve one’s physical condition as well. It is an age-old practice, and instances of it can be found in records that date back three thousand years ago. However, the popularity of meditation has only grown over this period.

Alan Watts life shows us that not only have the number of believers increased over the years, but newer forms and disciplines of meditation have come to the fore. Let us recount some of the benefits of meditation.


  • Stress reduction

Meditation helps us take a step back and away from the different stresses that life throws at us, and it reduces the resultant agitation of the mind.


  • Improved concentration

Because the brain becomes less taut after a session of meditation, it can concentrate much better on things and keep sustained focus. The benefits of meditation also extend to improving memory.


  • Heightened self-awareness

People who practice meditation for a few minutes every day report higher awareness of the mind and body. At a mental level, we experience more clarity in recognizing strong emotions such as anger, hatred, and jealousy, and we become capable of controlling these negative emotions better.

Physically, we become more aware of our own breathing, and we can concentrate on separate parts of our body.


  • Quality of life

The best benefit of meditation is that it removes the cobwebs and the dark spots from the human mind. We become more at ease with ourselves, and that brings us a sense of peace. The scientific reason behind this is that meditation increases the brain activity in the left portion of the prefrontal cortex, while the activity of the right side remains suppressed, which reduces negative emotions.

With no medication, surgery or rehabilitation, simple meditation techniques provide the above benefits which help rejuvenate our tired souls and bodies.

Matthew Hanson has long been a follower of Alan Watts life. He teaches yoga and delivers talks on the benefits of meditation to improve overall wellbeing.

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  1. I am practising meditation since last 12 years. through the meditation we can gain three levels of benefits this are physical level, mental level and health level..

    Meditation is mainly for our spiritual progress, this all benefits are just by-product.

    Once we experience the spiritual enlightenment, this all benefits become secondary and we start enjoying every aspect of our life. Life become beyond happiness and sadness.

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