How to Generate Traffic for your Fashion website through Instagram Promotion?

How to Generate Traffic for your Fashion website through Instagram Promotion

Instagram is primarily for entertainment and fun, but it is essential for you to remember that it has a vast scope if you are seriously considering it for your brand and business. Fashion houses are now mainly using Instagram as an instant promotional channel.

They do release their new products, take surveys on your latest designs, and even get featured user-generated content for their brand through this platform.

However, there are certain things to consider as the major do’s and don’ts of these platforms if you want to succeed you are your Instagram promotions.

Let’s have an overview.


Do’s of Instagram to promote your fashion brand


  • Be consistent – Maintain consistency in theme, style, color, and subject matter.


  • Do fine edits – Always edit your images before posting. Be mindful of the quality and clarity of your pictures on this photo-sharing social network.


  • Consider posting timings – 2-3 times a day will be an ideal frequency if your business is fashion-focused. Maintain a consistent design timing when your instagram followers also expect it the most.


  • Explore analytics – Instagram now puts forth easily inferable analytics, which can tell you the reach of your posts and also the engagement stats. There are also third-party apps for you to monitor and quantify the Instagram efforts.


  • Quality vs. quantity – There is no point in posting something for the sake of doing so. If there is nothing to post, it is better to wait will you prepare your next best content than filling the gap with a random post.


  • Mix creativity and fun – You can experiment with a variety of content and also feel free to have fun by figuring out what your followers for Instagram like.


Do not of Instagram promotions


  • Do not set the account status to private – You may do it for the security purpose as an Individual, but if you want people to see your content, then it is weird to set it private.


  • Do not abuse the hashtags – Ensure that you use specific and targeted hashtags to you are your posts relevant. Using illegitimate hashtags may be adversely affecting on a long run.


  • Do not think you have to use the only DSLR – Even though you need to ensure top quality images, it is not always necessary to use a DSLR. You can even get the best click on your smartphone and use it.


  • Do not make it too cluttered – Don’t try to put in unnecessary borders. It is advisable to keep it clean and basic.


  • Do not overuse the filters – Filters are out there to add more elegance to the images, and it may be tempting for you to use all of them if possible. However, this will only hurt your purpose.


  • Do not let bots follow – If you so see you earn more bots or ghost followers, ensure that you block them. Majority of them may be fake and may steal the result of your work without giving any credit.


  • Do not be spammy – Don’t go behind others intensively by asking them to follow you. Don’t make any unauthentic or desperate efforts. The only prospective way is to interact with others and get them follow you naturally genuinely.


You need always to perform an Instagram “checkup” from time to time to ensure that you always stick to the right things and eradicate any possibility for the latter. Ensure performance, consistency, and engagement to stay on top.


Garrett Bates is an authentic blogger with a large number of followers for Instagram and also many shares for her digital marketing related postings.

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