The Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance is Early Spring. Here’s why

The Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance is Early Spring

With the flowers blooming in the fields of green, you know spring is just around the corner. After the cold winter, spring will come as a blessing to many. But before you start enjoying the season, remember your air conditioner also needs to get ready for the spring.

There are a couple of maintenance steps you should take to make sure the air conditioner is on point and ready for the summer. That is why many air conditioning repair experts suggest spring is the best time to schedule routine maintenance, especially if you did not do so before the winter.

Air conditioner maintenance appointments usually last between an hour and hour and a half during which a licensed technician will inspect every element of your AC system to make sure everything is running smooth.

Why Should I Schedule Routine AC Maintenance in the spring?

Warmer weather also means you’ll be using the air conditioner more often to keep your home cool and ensure the air quality is on point. When it comes to running the AC, in most homes the increased periods of use include late spring and the entire summer. The same period is also often the busiest for air conditioner repair services. As most people completely neglect routine AC maintenance, malfunctions are more likely to occur during these periods of heavy use.

Such unexpected malfunctions can be prevented if you schedule an appointment during the time you don’t rely on your AC system so frequently. During this time, a technician can detect any potential issues and solve them before they cause a much more serious issue. That way, you’ll be sure your AC is ready for the summer and you won’t have to deal with unexpected issues and emergencies.

Not convinced yet? Read on to learn more about the benefits of having a springtime AC system checkup.

Decreased Energy Bills

A malfunctioning air conditioner will spend a lot more energy trying to compensate and keep your home cool, which will reflect on your energy bill. Keeping all the components in shape means you won’t have to pay more.

A malfunctioning air conditioner is known to increase your bill by up to 20%. Therefore, if you’ve noticed your energy bill is higher than usual, consider scheduling an inspection.

Prevent Malfunctions

Regular maintenance decreases the chances of your AC system malfunctioning. This will also decrease your monthly AC repair bill, which can be quite hefty depending on the issue. Through regular maintenance, you decrease the chances of unexpected breakdowns and ensure the comfort of your home is uninterrupted.

Extend the Warranty

Manufacturers may void the warranty on your AC system if they find out your air conditioner was not checked up as frequent as the manufacturer recommends. Manufactures always state how often your AC should be inspected because they know how important maintenance is for your air conditioner.

Apart from changing the filters at least once every three months, you need to hire a licensed technician to inspect other parts of your AC system so you can keep the warranty in case something goes wrong.

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