How to Make a Website on the Cheap Without Losing Quality

How to Make a Website on the Cheap Without Losing Quality

Today, any business owner can make a great website on the cheap if they use their funds wisely. The trick to it is looking for discounts, hiring designers in the right places, and choosing your overall design structure wisely.

5 Useful Tips for Making a Website on the Cheap

Use crowdsourcing

Many business owners don’t know that they can get top-quality designs from talented professionals without hiring a leading web design company. Crowdsourcing is key to obtaining a great website at about half a price. Use resources like DesignCrowd to find what you need.

Note that this option isn’t free and you’ll have to get a developer to implement the design on your future website. However, this will allow you to save a lot while getting an original work. Such pieces are quite different from the assortment of designs you can find in free theme libraries of website builders.

Get a discount on your host

Cheap hosting can be very limited and rather unsecure. But if you look hard enough, you’ll see that many top hosting providers sometimes offer great deals. You’ll need to take your time researching the offers to pick the best one for your case.

You should start by shortlisting reliable hosting companies that offer the kind of services you need. Then check the offers on their website and look for extra-discounts like this HostGator coupons.

Hire freelancers and students

To make a website on the cheap, you should look for young talent. Scouting for designers and developers on freelance marketplaces is a good start. For example, you can check out Guru or Upwork.

However, you can also get some help from local colleges. Search for social media groups where the students gather and post your offer. You can also go the ‘old-school’ route and post it on the notice boards in local coffee shops, where web design students gather.

Choose a simple design

To make a website on the cheap, you must understand that you can’t get anything too fancy. First of all, developing it would be quite expensive. The second problem is that you won’t be able to upload a ‘heavy’ website full of HD graphics onto a cheap shared server and have it work well.

Therefore, go the minimalist route, but do add a few good images and simple animations. When doing that, remember that 39% of visitors will leave the website if the images don’t load fast. Be realistic about the power of your host and optimize the image files in your website builder.

Use barter

If you know some professional web designers and have something to offer them (instead of money), give it a try. Bartering may not be widely advertised, but it’s rather popular in the B2B community.

While this might not give you a website for free, you should be able to get a good discount. You can try looking for professionals who will take you up on your offer at various web designer forums and through social media. Bear in mind that in the case of bartering, both parties should make an equal investment. Therefore, you should look for people who will be truly interested in the products/services you offer.

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