Demystification of Cleaning Myths

Demystification of Cleaning Myths

People tend to follow the things that were done long before most of them were born, or when most were young. When it comes to cleaning for example, there are many things that the old generation used to do to meet their cleaning needs. Some are being used to date, while others have been ignored for being mythical.

The following are some of the things that those people from the older generation made us to think that can’t work with modern cleaning.

You will however see that most methods of cleaning are okay and you only have to do them right.

  • Professional Cleaning ofa Carpet Doesn’t Affect It

Home owners invest a lot on carpets. They will do all that is possible to keep them clean, but even with all that carefulness they still get stained and dirty. A dirty carpet is better cleaned by professional cleaners such as Brisbane Carpet Cleaning company. However, others say that the service leads to the shrinking of the carpets.

If that was really true, then the idea of cleaning carpets by professionals couldn’t have been started. All the jobs they have done could have led to the spoiling of the thousands of carpets they have worked on, and so no home owner could be using the service that is offered to many on a daily basis.

  • Bleach Being the Ultimate Cleaner

Bleach may have been in use since time immemorial, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only product that you can use to clean surfaces. Some people were introduced to using it when they were young and so believe that it’s the only product to use.

The truth is, there are many other products that will do the job better than bleach. You will also learn to use it in the right way when you research and understand what its really meant for in cleaning jobs.

  • How Versatile Is Vinegar

Vinegar is considerably versatile when it comes to cleaning-related activities. People should however not confuse its versatility and use it on everything they want to clean. You aren’t supposed to use it on some surfaces because it will spoil them.

Use it and you will damage your surface or equipment than clean it.

  • Preservative-Free and Dye-Free Cleaners

When purchasing cleaners for your business or domestic use, it’s prudent to check on the label and understand the product’s content. Some may have some dye or preservatives that will leave unpleasant patches on the area that you are cleaning.

For that reason, you should only go for the dye-free and preservative-free products that are known to clean perfectly.

  • What’s Your Take on More Soap on Detergent?

There is a misconception that when you have a very dirty surface or garments then you should apply more soap to clean it well. Too much dirt might need more soap yes, but you should remember that too much of a thing can have some side effects.

You might be using some soap without more cleaning power and so it will not only be a waste but also will give you bad results of your cleaning.

  • Newspapers and Mirror Cleaning

Newspapers have been a good solution to cleaning windows and other types of mirrors. Some people prefer them more than paper towels or clothes. You can use them too when you don’t have an alternative, although they aren’t the best to give you a clean appearance of your windows.

Water and soap will always work wonders, after you do your job right and rinse them well.

  • Polishing Furniture After Dusting Isn’t Always Good

Your furniture will always improve in appearance when you polish it. however, when you do it every time you dust it, you might end up harming your furniture that improving their appearance.

Think about it like giving your furniture some spa treatment. It doesn’t come out well when you go to the spa every other day in the same way you take a bath daily.

  • Hairs Sprays and Ink Stain Removal

People love taking shortcuts when it comes to cleaning things. The use of professional services like those of Brisbane Carpet Cleaning is the best. Hair sprays are only meant for styling and maintaining your hair.

If they were meant for stain removal, that could also be on the label that directs you on how to use it. They may work yes, but you won’t be sure of their effects on the surface that you are removing the stain from.

  • Vacuum Cleaners Aren’t Bad for Carpets

Vacuuming your carpet is one way of keeping it clean. Some people however fear the process and the suction effect because they think that it will pull the fluffs off the carpet and damage it.

Simply do the vacuuming moderately and follow all the steps of cleaning the carpet. Apply the right detergent and force of scrubbing and squeezing. The result is a clean and attractive carpet in your house.

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