Safety Gear That You Must Use When Handling String Trimmers

Safety Gear That You Must Use When Handling String Trimmers

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The simple looks of weed trimmers can be quite deceiving if you dare to overlook the safety aspects when using the equipment. Although string trimmers might look quite humble and harmless, you should never take any chances because it can cause some harm and serious injury if you are not careful when using.

Seek guidance from the seller or the manufacturer about the safety aspects to follow when using the equipment even if it is an ideal string trimmer. Another way you can know about the safety measures to adopt is by talking to users who have experience in using similar equipment.

The latter is often a much more useful source of information because it is available right from the horse’s mouth and based on the ground realities.

The safety threats

Trimmers kick up debris that becomes a safety concern if you do not take adequate protection. Debris thrown up by a weed trimmer can fly at very high speed, and it could damage your eyes or cut the skin.  

String trimmers are like any other power-driven gardening equipment and pose threats to safety for users. You should not take it lightly but use proper safety gear so that you can protect yourself from possible harm arising from the debris generated when using string trimmers.

Besides the safety gear, cover your body fully with proper clothing – closed-toe shoes and full-length pants with full sleeve shirts/tops. Here are some tips for ensuring safe handling of weed trimmers.

Use safety glasses

Debris flying from trimmers and hitting the eye is entirely possible, for which you have to protect your eyes with safety glasses.  Broken off the string, small pieces of weeds and brush can be quite harmful if it hits the eyes.

Just as industrial workers use safety glasses for protecting the eyes, you too should use it when working with string trimmers. Wearing eye shields will give you more confidence in using the trimmer without worrying about any possible damage to the eyes.

Protect your ears and hearing ability

Usually, doctors recommend 85 decibels as the threshold level for hearing without any damage, but the average noise level of weed whackers hover around 115 decibels, which is quite high.

To protect your ears and hearing ability from harmful noise pollution of weed trimmers, use some hearing protection like earmuff style hearing protectors. They block out high levels of noise and are comfortable to wear.

Hand gloves

The hands are most susceptible to the harms from debris emitting from weed trimmers, and you have to protect it by using suitable hand gloves. Using gloves made from some durable material or even leather would ensure proper protection.

Not only the grass and weeds but also other materials like pieces of stones and pebbles and pieces of the trimmer string can damage the skin of the hands when it strikes at high velocity.

If you are wearing shorts, then use shin guards (like footballers) to protect the lower limbs of the body.

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