What You Need when Ordering a Bespoke Suit

What You Need when Ordering a Bespoke Suit

Having a suit made is now more common than ever, and although ready to wear suits are still quite popular, more men are opting for bespoke suits just because they offer more value for money and they are simply a much better fit overall.

There’s nothing like walking around in a suit that is made specifically for you, after all. It not only gives you great confidence, but it gives the right impression as well. But if you’re planning to have a bespoke suit made, how do you confirm that the tailor gets it right?

Here’s how to make sure your tailor understands what you need when ordering a bespoke suit.

  • Do some research and get to know your personal style

If this is your first time to order a bespoke suit, it pays to do some research. For this, a simple search on Google can work wonders. Check out different styles of suits and suits in different colours. By doing research, you can find out what you like and should learn your own personal style.

You’d find out if you prefer the ‘old school,’ classic look, or if you want something more contemporary. You can even print out a photo or image so your bespoke tailor can have something to work with.

  • Learn about fabrics

Now it’s time to familiarise yourself with different cloths and fabrics. Although there is a vast range of fabrics from which you can choose, it would be good to get to know the more popular ones. Here’s one tip as well: if it’s your first suit, you can’t go wrong with a dark fabric; a gray or dark blue suit is always a good choice.

The fabric’s weight is also a major consideration. If you easily sweat, your tailor can recommend a good, lightweight fabric.

Some of the most commonly used fabrics include worsted wool, super 120s, mohair, and flannel. Worsted wool is a versatile type of fabric which is often used as a standard for dark or plain suits. Super 120s is a type of fabric which is lightweight, and mohair is a fabric known for its silkiness and texture.

Flannel is also a popular fabric that’s not only lightweight, but comfortable for use in various seasons.

  • Tell them what it’s for

When speaking with your tailor, it’s best to tell them as much about your preferences as you can. Let them know how you view your personal style – are you often a casual dresser, or do you wear suits every day? Are you ordering a suit for your wedding?

Be honest with the tailor and tell them what you expect from the suit and how you intend to use it, and they should be able to give you a better quality suit based on what you require.

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