Local SEO Tips 2018 – 5 Tricks to Rank No. 1 in Local Search

Local SEO Tips 2018 – 5 Tricks to Rank No. 1 in Local Search

Consider the following situations that you could encounter practically every day in your life. You need to contact a cab on an urgent basis. What would be the normal course of action?

Any school going kid will ask you flop open your mobile phone and order your cab services from the specialized mobile application you have installed on your smartphone.

The power of the internet

What does this signify? This entails that more than 95% of people in the US use the internet to search for local businesses online. This obviates the use of the Yellow Pages completely. The local search SEO is the new Yellow Pages for you.

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Local SEO – Why

Statistics show that more than 75% of local searches are done using the mobile phones. Out of all local searches, more than 50% either ends with the consumers approaching you personally or contacting you over the phone.

In both the cases, there is a high chance of conversion. This makes it imperative for every local business to have a strong and compelling local SEO campaign in place.

Need to rank on the 1st page

There is an old joke that goes something like this, “Which is the best place to hide a dead body?” The answer is, “The second page of the Google Search.” This indicates that very few people actually proceed beyond the first page of the local search engine.

Hence, ranking high on the local search should be the endeavor of each business. Let us share 5 useful tips that can be of great benefit to all.

5 Tricks to rank No 1 in the local search

  • Have a Mobile Optimization strategy in place

The times have changed a lot. The younger generations are very adept at using their smartphones to do virtually everything a computer does. Under such circumstances, optimizing your website to be accessible on the mobile phone has become imperative. Having a mobile-friendly website has become more of the rule rather than the exception.

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The proportion of people searching for local business on the mobile is increasing at a tremendous rate. The latest reports say that a whopping 75% to 80% of people are already using mobiles to access the internet. This proportion is growing at a rapid pace almost on a daily basis.

Therefore, the first thing any new business should do is to have a responsive website. The content should be available and compatible with all kinds of internet accessing devices like mobiles, tablets, and so on.

  • Claim your GMB listing:

What do you normally see when you type out your requirement on the search bar of the search engine. Does it not look something like this?   

This is nothing but a Google My Business listing. What are the advantages of having a GMB listing? Bill Gates had said once, “If you are not online, you better be out of business.” When Bill Gates says something, the world sits up and takes notice.

You have to announce your presence to the world. In this age of competition, do not expect your customer to stick to your services at all times. He has innumerable alternatives in the form of your competitors. Hence, it becomes imperative to be in the limelight at all times.

Public memory is certainly very short. This Google My Business listing serves to make your presence felt in the local SEO market. This is one of the most important aspects of ranking no 1 on the search engines.

  • Social media is the key to success

Just as mobiles have taken over the computers and laptops as the preferred modes of accessing the internet, social media has virtually overtaken everything in its path. It is one of the strongest media for marketing your products and services.

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Engaging with your customers is very easy on social media. Today, you have more social media accounts than you have people in the world. Hence, one should never let go of this opportunity to improve your business.

This media is the best place for any business to interact with the customers and obtain honest feedback. You are also able to put your point across or share details about upcoming deals with a larger clientele in the fastest time possible.

  • Local listings are any day better than global listings

Where do people search for local business? If you wish to hire a car in New Jersey, would you look for cabs in New York? Nobody will ever do so because it will totally useless. Searching for your cab service in your local area is what you do.

Hence, it becomes important for all businesses to have a listing in all local directories. Use TribeLocal’s local listing for assistance in this regard.  

  • Customer reviews have a lot to say about your business

In the olden days, people used to seek references from their friends and relatives before patronizing any business. Today, the youngster prefers to go through customer reviews on the website. He finds it easy than seeking guidance from others.

The young customer gets a lot of information as he goes through each review, especially the negative ones carefully. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to seek positive reviews, especially when you have rendered great customer service to your clients. Seeking positive reviews in exchange will not do you any harm at all.   


All the above-described factors play a great role in high ranking of a particular website on the local search SEO. A high rank entails higher website traffic thereby automatically leading to larger business and higher profits.

Now, is this not your objective when you started your business?



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