Important Tips to Consider before Engaging a Location Scout

Important Tips to Consider before Engaging a Location Scout

A lot of elements need to come together in order to produce the best movie. If you have a movie coming up, you want to ensure everything falls into place perfectly. Locations where you shoot the various scenes is an important element for the success of the movie shoot.

If you do not have access to top studios for a realistic film, the only option is to find the next best thing – shooting at ideal live locations.

You will find many locations available where you can shoot the various scenes. While some are controlled, others provide an ideal background for the scene you are to shoot. Finding the locations can really be time consuming.

The good news is that you can find someone to do all this work for you. Assigning a location scout the task of finding the ideal locations leaves you free to follow up on other issues of the film production.

Vet the location scout

Locations are therefore important props for the scenes and you need to pick the best scout to carry out this task. The scout should have the experience in the industry. Such should also have the right connections in place so as to know the locations that are available for filming as well as how you can have them for your movie.

Ensure you have a budget allocation that covers the use of the locations. Some owners may hire out the property and you need to know beforehand.

The scout should also be able to get locations that are not listed as PhotoShoot locations. Such may require special permission that the scout is in a position to give you such unique locations.

Explicit instructions

When working with the scout, it is important that you give explicit instructions of what you want from the locations identified. The locations should of course match the scene you want to shoot. Be as detailed as possible.

They should support the narrative you want to bring across. It would be hard to sell a character as rich and powerful if the house the character lives in does not support this description.

The scout can only deliver if you have the picture of what you want in mind. Study each scene and the characters in your movie to come up with ideal locations that will suit your movie.

Detailed instructions will allow the scout to share the same vision you have in mind and will improve the chances of giving you exactly what you want.


Having a scout handle the location search frees your time to handle other elements of the movie shoot. You only need to do the site visits to check whether the location is ideal or not. You are able to tap into the contacts that such locations scouts have as they act as a link between movie producers and property owners.

You will therefore have a wide pool of locations to choose from based on your needs. This will see your shooting preparations go faster and smoother as you will face no hitches in securing locations.

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