Beware of These Secret Dangers in the Kitchen

Beware of These Secret Dangers in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably one of your favorite rooms in your home. It’s where you create delicious family meals, spend time together with a loved one baking, try out fun new recipes, and use innovative appliances.

However, there are also some serious dangers lurking around the kitchen that many don’t think about on a daily basis. These dangers, though, could turn your beloved kitchen into a place of nightmares if you’re not careful.

What Hidden Dangers Lurk in the Kitchen?

For the most part, your kitchen is a safe place to hang out, cook your favorite foods, and have some fun drawing up new recipes. But, you may not know just how common it is to have a kitchen-related accident, which account for about 100,000 injuries every year. Some dangers in the kitchen are even more subtle, affecting your family’s health on a large scale. There four hidden dangers are the most important to look out for:

(Processed Foods)

Processed foods aren’t necessarily hidden dangers because most people are aware of the negative health effects they have on our bodies. Your favorite sweetened drinks, candies, and salty snacks probably fall under the category of unhealthy processed foods.

But, some processed foods can be a little more sneaky than others, containing abnormally high salt and sugar levels. The bad news is that you probably eat these foods often without giving them much thought.

Cereals, for example, tend to be loaded with sugar, but we eat them almost daily for breakfast. Protein bars and granola bars also sometimes mask high sugar content with loads of healthy claims, like being chock-full of whole grains, vitamins, and nutrients.

(Fast Cookers)

We all love our kitchen appliances, big or small. From the high-tech refrigerator to the tiny electric can opener, kitchen appliances and gadgets make cooking meals for your family just a bit easier – and more fun. However, some appliances are linked to a high number of kitchen accidents every year. Unfortunately, we usually never hear about them.

Fast cookers, like rice and pressure cookers, can be especially dangerous. They cook foods under extreme amounts of pressure to cook them faster. But, if the appliance has a design flaw that doesn’t keep the pressure lid in place or creates too much pressure, your cooker can explode, harming whatever – and whoever – is in the way.

Read more here on the Tristar Power Pressure Cooker XL explosions that have left users severely injured.

(Rancid Foods in the Cupboards)

If a food looks and smells okay, we’re likely to keep it hanging around our cupboards. But, opened bags of chips or crackers could be dangerous, even if they don’t appear to have gone bad.The problem is with oils in the foods that could have turned rancid.

The most significant health risk with eating foods in which the oils have turned rancid is that the oils could turn toxic. Toxicity from oils has been linked to everything from heart disease to cancer.

(Expired Fire Extinguisher)

At least twice a year, people should be checking the safety of their home or apartment. Some of the things that always need to be on your checklist are making sure fire alarms work, ensuring that electrical outlets aren’t overloaded, and checking the expiration date of your fire extinguishers.

Although many people do purchase fire extinguishers for their kitchens, they often forget to regularly check its expiration date. If it’s expired, it won’t effectively put out a fire. You should aim to check your fire extinguisher expiration when daylight savings begins and ends, the same as you would your fire alarms. Make sure everyone – including children – in the home knows how to use it properly.

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