8 Skills you need to be Successful Teacher

8 Skills you need to be Successful Teacher

Educating someone can be a tantamount task but a great, effective, and successful teacher will most likely find it rewarding. As the development in the education scene especially on teaching is rapidly changing which are being driven by both technological and social changes, it is very important for a modern teacher to improve their teaching skills in order to catch up – so, what are the different essential skill you need to become a successful one?

In this article, I will share you some of the useful skills that every teacher should know.

8 useful skills you need to become a successful teacher

  • Adaptability

In the modern age, as the technology and way of life continues to change, it is very important for a teacher to be adaptable and flexible in order to meet the learning needs of every student you’re teaching. Learning the adaptability is one of the characteristics every teacher should have this is because several educational technologies are available every minute.

Don’t be this teacher, be adaptive and try to explain the topic in different ways.

However, learning this skill requires patient, times, and efforts so don’t rush it. Be patient with yourself and give this trait to take some time, practice in a classroom setting, and learn more experiences as well.

  • Telling a story is the key to communication

Transfer your own ideas and share it with your students through stories. Storytelling has been used in different classes for hundreds of years now mainly because it will make the class discussion fun, exciting, and more engaging that could eventually increase the class collaboration and participation as well.

You should also engage in collaborating discussions in order to encourage your students to learn a certain topic. You can do this by opening yourself to their questions and providing them an honest answer in return.

  • Commitment and eagerness to learn

As a teacher, you’re qualified to teach students and by providing them essential knowledge and information about the topic. Acquiring certificate 3 allows you to do that – but don’t stop there because as they say, learning is a continuous process. Have the desire to learn not only from books or educational materials but also from your students and other life experiences as well.

This is necessary in order to keep up with the changing learning and teaching landscape. A great teacher with a passion for learning will definitely never stop succeeding and growing as a person.

  • Self-confidence

Building self-confidence is the key to be a successful teacher and it is necessary for every teacher in the first place. We can acquire this trait as we grow. It is important to remember that failure and mistakes are always there, it inevitable but use these as a fuel to become a stronger and better person.

Believing in your fellow teachers, colleagues, and even your student is also important in order to inspire and influence others.

  • Preparation

Every great teacher has gone through formal academic training it can be in the traditional education system or online courses and programs. The thing is, if you want to become not only a successful teacher but also a reputable one, you need to earn a degree or in specific certificate 3.

Keep in mind that to become more effective in educating your students as well as impressing the organization you’re in, you need to be prepared.

  • Good Organization

Preparing your lesson plan in advance is a simple way to achieve success in teaching. It helps you allocate more time to do more things regarding your teaching needs. Enrolling in online courses and programs that offer certificate 3 in education support is a great way to enhance your teaching skills in terms of the organization of different educational materials.

  • Tolerance

A teacher who treats all their students equally and without showing favoritism is one example of a great teacher. Having tolerance and control in your own prejudice is a necessary trait in order to give your student choices that should be also decided by themselves by openly discussing topics with them.

  • Engaging yourself in Teamwork

A great teacher must be able to interact and work with other people or groups. Expanding your social circle or network and solving problems together simply means teamwork’s success.

You should seek students, fellow teachers, and colleagues and collaborate with them, this could build connection and bond while supporting each other on the group or team. This will also set you a great example for your student that working with other people is fun.


Competition in this era is as serious as it can get. Knowing the essential teaching skills I’ve mentioned above is a great way in order to not only become more effective and a successful teacher but also influence other people including your fellow teachers, colleague, and more importantly, your students.

These skills are also necessary in order to learn new skills, knowledge, and experiences which is necessary for your growth as a teacher and as an individual as well.

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