What is the Distinction between a Voice Coach and a Singing Teacher?

What is the Distinction between a Voice Coach and a Singing Teacher

Young talents need guidance in order to achieve greatness, and this thing is especially true for singers. However, most persons do not really know what they are looking for and usually that is because they don’t know the difference between a singing teacher and a voice coach.

In order to help you choose the help that you need we have decided to explain these terms clearly, so that the difference between them is obvious.

Voice Coach

When we say voice coach we mean a professional help. That coach should have some experience when it comes wot a particular musical style and it should be able to help you with performance practice, pronunciation and other matters related to that particular style.

One thing that you should know about voice coaches is that they might not be what you want if your issues are technical matters of singing. For the technical problems a singing teacher is recommended, but more on that later.

The voice coach should help with other things and you might receive some suggestions related to the repertoire, cadenzas, riffs or breath placement.

Singing Teacher

A singing teacher is not necessary a professional that has certain licenses. This is probably the reason why singing teachers are very different and each one will have something else to offer. It is recommended that you ask around before choosing a teacher.

A teacher might not come with the same certifications that a voice coach has, but they are supposed to understand how the voice works so they can help you sing the right way and find a balance. A singing teacher is also supposed to know how to play the piano.

You should know that these lessons can be taught in group classes or individually. If you can, find a teacher that has some kind of experience. You can look for training, certification in certain organizations or participation at various voice conferences or lectures.

After all, you want a teacher who is able to improve your voice as much as possible, so it is better if that person has a certain education.


The differences between voice coaches and singing teachers might be a bit difficult to notice at first, but it is important to be aware of them so that you can know what you are looking for. If you are ready for some musical help but you do not know where to begin, you can always rely on the Internet.

Right now there are plenty of advantageous offers, such as the Steve Turner Singing Lessons on the Gold Coast.

A simple search will reveal even more results, but you have to know what is the kind of help that you need for your voice and performance. In some cases, you might find a single person that is able to act as both a voice coach and a singing teacher.

However, these cases might be rather rare, so most singers work with multiple persons.

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