Tips for Choosing Perfect Cafe or Restaurant Tables

Tips for Choosing Perfect Cafe or Restaurant Tables

Tables, like many other pieces of furniture in your hotel or restaurant, are essential. They have a lot to do with the success of your establishment and you want to get their choice right. Un ideal tables would be a great turn off for your customers, a mistake you don’t want to commit.

As such, you need to know what to look for before you go shopping and the good thing is that you won’t have to look further.

The following are a few tips for choosing the best bar tables for your establishment.

Get the right type

You cannot just walk into a furniture store and pick any table for your bar or restaurant. The tables should be marked for commercial use. While you may wonder where the difference is, the main point is that these types of tables are designed to be used on a regular basis.

As such, they have unique features that make them not only durable but also capable of withstanding things like spills and heat. Better yet, you could choose to get different table tops that match your style and theme.

Where will you use them?

Before you buy your bar tables Sydney, you have to decide where you want to use them from. Will it be an outdoor bar or an indoor one? It is quite apparent that the tables to be used outdoors need to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Timber would not be the right choice for this unless it is hardwood. Those with laminated tops, metal, or plastic would make the best outdoor tables. If you are planning to use the tables both inside and outside, go for one that is versatile.

Your desired table spacing

No one wants to be in a bar or restaurant where moving around is a problem due to crowding of the furniture. While you want to maximize the floor space, it is important that you make it possible for people to move around, including waiters when serving customers.

The spacing should allow one to move the chairs and stools without bumping into another person. Also, you have to ensure that going to the washroom is not a difficult task.

Table size

The size of the tables you use in the bar or restaurant will have an impact on the sitting pattern. Huge tables can eat into the space meant for seats. Bar tables do not have to be big since many people would want to be few per table.

The ideal choice would be to anchor the size of the table to the style you bring out in the bar. The height of the bar tables is also a factor to consider. The right height will allow the user to rest their arms when seating on the bar stools or chairs. So, if you have already bought the chairs and stools, consider their heights.

To sum up, you want to work with bar tables that not only enhance the comfort of the customers but also match the style and theme of the establishment. This would be perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance that will make the customers want to stay longer.

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