Superior Electronics – Why Won’t Just Any Enclosure Work?

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Superior Electronics - Why Won’t Just Any Enclosure Work

Anyone with experience with home projects that involve electronics knows how important it is to keep the inner circuits and workings safe. This is done not just to protect the fragile circuitry, but also to prevent anyone from possibly getting shocked due to compromised and exposed parts.

For matters such as these, the best way to go about it is to invest in a proper enclosure. However, not just any kind of enclosure will do.

It’s important to take note of the fact that the job of enclosures isn’t to simply cover the electronic device. It’s also there to make sure that nothing could possibly compromise it in the event of unforeseen issues.

For example, the device could accidentally be dropped into a body of water such as a pool. In order to prevent these types of situations, the material of the enclosure must be considered.

Metal enclosures might not be the answer

There’s no doubt about it, metal enclosures are the more physically attractive prospect. They certainly have other benefits such as their overall durability, but nothing can beat the aesthetic impact a quality metal enclosure can provide.

However, it definitely isn’t the safest route to take. After all, if the same pool situation were to arise, a metal enclosure would only serve to further compromise the integrity of the electronic device. This is why more and more people are choosing plastic as the material of choice for quality enclosures.

Choosing plastic has a slew of benefits

Aside from being similarly durable, plastic also benefits from the fact that it cannot compromise the circuitry within. It’s a non-magnetic material, which means that you can safely use this plastic enclosure with just about every type of electronic device. Another benefit is that plastic tends to be waterproof.

This means that the pool situation won’t have nearly as serious consequences when compared to metal enclosures. While plastic doesn’t have the same kind of sheen that metal has, it can still look rather streamlined and modern, giving it a similar edge in the aesthetics department.

When it comes to choosing the right enclosure, plastic is almost always the right choice. The amount of benefits it has far outweighs any possible cons it might have. It works well with electrical devices, which is why it’s what you most often see with products that happen to have fragile circuitry inside.

Too many things can go wrong if you decide to use a metal enclosure, and while a decent quality product might still be adequate it’s still better to be safe than sorry. This is why products such as Gewiss enclosures get so much love because the quality of the enclosure (whether plastic or metal) matters.

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