SEO Mistakes That Can Threaten the Survival of E-Commerce Sites

SEO Mistakes That Can Threaten the Survival of E-Commerce Sites

With the e-commerce space being so intensely competitive, it can be very easy to compromise your chance of success by making mistakes that you may not be even aware of.

However, it is not that difficult to look out for the most common mistakes and ensure that your product page gets a better search engine rank that will pull in more visitors and drive sales.

Some practical tips:

Title Tags Not Optimized  

Since the title tag is an important SEO element in any product page of an e-commerce site, not inserting keywords in the title tag costs you dearly in the page ranks. It is vital that you identify keywords that are relevant to your product.

You can get a good idea about what seems to be working by examining the product reviews of the competition and by using analytics tools. It is important that you keep the title tag that describes the page content limited to a maximum of 50-60 characters, including spaces.

While you must include the most important keyword, refrain from keyword stuffing. It also helps to place a call to action like “buy” in the title tag.

Product Meta Descriptions Not Optimized

Even though a Meta description plays no part in page rankings, they are critical in improving click-through rates. Meta descriptions should be of 135-160 characters of compelling copy incorporating all the important keywords.

The Meta description is your sales pitch that should typically answer why the product is the best, why it should be purchased from you and why your claims are credible. If you are having difficulty in composing the right Meta descriptions, try professional agencies like

Failing To Use High-Quality Images and Not Optimizing Them

Image is one of the most important reference points the customer has, hence it is vital to upload images that are interesting and of very high quality. However, you need to ensure that the photos load fast on both desktops and mobile devices.

Your product page should invariably have multiple shots from different angles but in a thumbnail size for faster page loading; the customer can click to enlarge them.

Use software like Screaming Frog to conduct an audit of the site that will reveal the images that are too heavy or missing alt tags.

Not Moving to HTTPS

Security is of paramount concern to online shoppers so it is essential that all information submitted by users is encrypted. If your store is running on HTTP, you should immediately switch to HTTPS for the added level of security it affords customers and to take advantage of the boost that Google automatically gives such encrypted websites.


In this day and age when a majority of the searches are being fired from mobile devices, it is vital that your e-commerce site is optimized for portable devices. E-commerce sites that either don’t display properly or take too much time to load do not find favor with Gen Y users.

You must also ensure that the product descriptions are crisp while providing all the necessary details.

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