Planning a Conference – The Not So Obvious Things

Planning a Conference - The Not So Obvious Things

The preparation for a conference is a time to feel inspired and creative. Everybody wants the conference to be unforgettable for the delegates and attendees, but the problem is achieving exactly that.

A conference has a lot of details involved, and if you want to have an amazing event, one of the most important things to plan is the time. You need to have enough time to do everything according to your expectations and those of the attendees. Here are four practical and specific recommendations that will make you see important details in a different light while organising your conference.

1. First of all, the place is the key if you want to organise your conference in the best way. So, first, you need to select an appropriate venue, according to your budget and the type of conference you are hosting. There are plenty of large conference venues available in many areas of the UK, so it should not be too difficult choosing one.

However, also consider some not so obvious choices, such as a luxurious and magnificent mansion of the 18th century, or a beautiful, modern and fashionable hotel.

These kinds of places offer a complete conference service with many cost benefits. Some services even include an expert in conference organisation, who will manage the details including technology requirements, menu, accommodation for delegates, etc. Effectively, you won’t need to look elsewhere for your conference needs.

2. Compiling a conference organisation list is something that can help you reduce expenses, detailing everything that will be needed for the conference. Think about all the items which will be required to host the conference, deal with delegates, manage unforeseen emergencies, etc.

This will help you budget and quote for services and items to be supplied for the conference, well in advance.

3. Make sure the venue has, or you organise, accommodation facilities for visiting delegates, especially if it is a multi-day event. If many attendees will be arriving from international destinations, consider providing an airport pick up service, or similar alternative, to make their arrival at the venue, or their accommodation, convenient and hassle free.

If attendees feel welcomed, and comfortable, the atmosphere of your conference will be more conducive to creating an unforgettable event.

4. Test essential functions and services before the conference; this will avoid annoying last-minute problems. For example, all technology and audio-visual equipment is fully operational, signposting and schedules are clearly available to delegates, staff know what is expected of them, etc. It is essential your event runs smoothly.

These simple tips will help focus your mind while organising your conference, and will hopefully contribute to a truly unforgettable conference which attendees will be talking about for some time after.

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