How to Plan a Memorable Business Conference

How to Plan a Memorable Business Conference

One of the best ways to advertise your business and gain more influence is to host a business conference or a seminar. That is why there seem to be more and more business seminars all around. But another major factor that will determine what your business will gain from the event is how you plan it.

If you plan the conference thoroughly, you will come off as an experienced and able entrepreneur. But if you stage the conference poorly, it can really ruin your credibility in the business circles.

Every conference should start with a plan. You need to pay attention to details and think everything through. It definitely requires a lot of preparation and planning. There is a lot you can do to make impress your guests, from choosing the perfect venue to thinking of details like lodging or hiring a transport to pick your guests up at the airport and take them to the conference.

These are just some of the examples of planning the business conference thoroughly.

Here are some other tips you can use to make sure the conference stays in your guests’ memory, but for the right reasons.

The Topic of the Conference

Before you plan anything else, think of the topic. It will determine your target audience and guests, the set-up and how you will advertise the conference. The topic of the conference will attract guests who specialize in the niche.

The topic will also determine how you will advertise the conference, whether it’ll be through classic means or exclusively online.

The Venue

The choice of the venue rests on several factors such as the number of participants, the presence of international or VIP guests, planned activities and more. Generally, a conference hall can house up to 200 participants, and if you’re expecting more you should find a larger auditorium, hall or convention center. The location of the venue is also very important, as is its quality.

Lodging and Transportation

You should provide your guests with a list of nearby lodging options, so they can plan and book ahead. Hotels often offer discounts for large groups of people, so you should try to arrange a discount for your guests as well.

Apart from that, you could go one step further and hire a reputable car service to take your guests to and from the venue, pick them up at the airport and take them to their hotel.


In order for your conference to be successful, you need to have a strong marketing plan. This will help you attract more participants. That’s why you should determine who your target audience is first and then plan how you’ll notify them.

You can use print advertising, email or social marketing, based on your targeted demographic.

Get Everything Set for the Conference

In the middle of all the planning, don’t forget about the conference you plan on holding. Get all your notes sorted out, create a power point presentation and practice your speech. Provide the participants with pens and notepads so they can write down the most important points of the presentation.

If you plan on holding the conference for a couple of hours, you need to plan a few short breaks, refreshments and catering for the participants.

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