What You Need to Know Before Mounting Your TV on the Wall

What You Need to Know Before Mounting Your TV on the Wall

A television screen is one of the important entertainment devices in any home. Besides entertainment, a TV also adds value to your home. With the recent technology of LED and LCD TV screens, there are different ways of placing a TV in the living room. Nowadays, TV screens are mounted on walls or ceilings using a special mounting.

However, there are things you need to consider before mounting a TV on your wall.

How strong is your wall?

The first thing before doing anything else is to consider the strength of your wall. Although flat screens of today are lighter and sleeker than previously, they are still relatively heavy. There is also the additional weight of the TV mount. When checking on the status of your wall, make sure that you consider the total weight of the TV plus the TV mounting.

You can determine a wall’s capacity to hold your TV by using a stud finder. You need to find at least one stud to effectively mount your TV. In most cases, you will find studs on one of the walls. However, you will need to re-evaluate your TV positioning if there is no stud at your preferred location.

Is there a fireplace near your preferred TV-mount location?

Fireplaces are common in most modern living rooms. In most homes, the television screen is strategically positioned above the fireplace. However, some TV screens, especially LCDs look fuzzy when viewed at an angle. Placing them above a fireplace may not be a good idea. Fireplaces are also a source of heat and at times smoke, which are not good for electronics.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can’t place a TV screen above your fireplace. If you have to, then you need the assistance of a professional technician. For a perfect TV location above your fireplace, a technician will test the area’s radiant heat and install a tilt mount for comfortable TV viewing.

Have you considered the viewing angle?

Mount your TV at an optimal viewing angle. Most people place their TV screens too high on the wall. Before you choose the perfect location to mount your TV, consider the view while sitting. You should also consider the glare from windows as it may affect your viewing. For optimal viewing, think of a perfect location and choose a mounting that you can easily adjust.

These are factors you ought to consider before mounting a TV on your wall. In fact, it is advisable to consider them before buying a TV. The strength of your wall studs is likely to determine the size of your TV screen. You can also consult a technician in advance to determine the perfect wall to mount your TV screen on.

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