Why London is a Great City for Entrepreneurs

Why London is a Great City for Entrepreneurs

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, and wondering about whether to relocate, and what might be the best location for your new business, London is a great option.

Let’s have a look at the some of the ways starting up your startup in London is the best choice you can make.


Being an entrepreneur is by definition, lonely. Until you’re at the stage where you can scale up and hire some more senior roles, you are the sole decision maker, and responsible for everything. It’s tough at the top, and hard to find people who understand the unique challenges and pressures of running your own business.

Capital Enterprise is a not for profit group that supports small businesses in the city they say London has become a hub for entrepreneurs. That means the city is full of people in the same situation as you, ready to support, advise and help you build out your professional network.


When the time does come for you to grow, and hire more executive level staff, London is a great place to do that. It’s full of qualified, experienced candidates, but more than that if you look for Executive Search Firms London has an embarrassment of riches to offer.

Finding the right recruiter is as important as finding the right candidate, as a recruiter will continue to work with you over the course of years to supply more candidates, and their ability to do that will only improve the more they work with you.


One of the most important things in a startup is building an audience, and London’s huge population supplies you with a ready made audience for almost every product or service. Unless you’re planning something specifically targetted at rural communites, London is diverse enough to accommodate you.

Whether you’re working on a mass market, norm-disrupting app like Uber, or a specialised b2b product, London has people you can get interested.

In terms of building buzz, London is also the focus for most national journalism, with all the major newspapers and broadcasters maintaining a presence there, even if they are now based elsewhere.

This makes it easier to reach the people you need to get interviews and coverage, and build the audience you need to make your business the huge success is truly deserves to be.

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