Best Materials for Kitchen Worktop – Granite, Marble or Quartz?

Best Materials for Kitchen Worktop – Granite, Marble or Quartz

Despite the multitude of passing trends that are usually encountered in kitchen design, one primary goal that will never cease to change is longevity. As essential as the addition of personal style is to the task, it’s equally important to ensure that it stands the test of time as well.

To this end, worktops in particular require the same amount of attention and care that the rest of the furniture and fixings within the kitchen receive, mainly because they’re generally exposed to a wider variety of substances.

Natural stones such as granite, marble and quartz are materials commonly used for this purpose and can easily be procured from excellent companies, but in order to choose the right material for your worktop it is important to know more about them.


Perhaps the most popular of the three, this natural white rock boasts a classic and timeless aesthetic and can be used for a variety of different purposes including but not limited to being a kitchen worktop.

Marble worktops are generally easy to clean and maintain and experienced bakers can use it to their advantage due to its naturally low temperature that helps tremendously in their trade.

However, before opting for marble as your worktop surface, it’s important to know that the material is much softer and more porous than its alternatives. Not only can it be easily scratched, but staining can be an issue too and it should always be handled with the utmost care.


Granite remains at the top in terms of its design versatility. Its organic origin and unique characteristics allow it to come in a variety of different colours and patterns, especially in the case of a top quality granite worktop London suppliers offer, making it the go-to choice not just for those who want their homes to boast completely natural materials but also have more options when it comes to aesthetics.

While it certainly isn’t as soft as marble nor as porous, staining can still be something of an issue. A lot of comparisons between granite and quartz have been made in the past due to their similarities, and this can present a dilemma as to which material to opt for.


Not unlike granite, quartz boasts an impressive array of different colours and designs. This is made possible via the use of different colourants as well as certain resin binders. With a multitude of different shades available for use as a kitchen worktop and its excellent durability, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s more likely to be chosen by homeowners who aren’t too bothered about integrating a manmade material into their kitchen.

It can be a tough task to choose which material to go for when choosing a delectable and durable surface to serve as your kitchen worktop. Before making a decision, ask yourself if you prefer something that is completely natural or if you would not be too bothered by materials that are manmade.

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