How to Relax

How to Relax

With Britons working more hours than ever, and the news in an apparently never ending cycle of stress and worry whatever your political affiliations, it’s never been more important to cultivate your ability to relax.

Being able to shut out the stresses of the of world in order to properly rest is one of the only things that will give you back the strength you need to tackle the important issues in your own life.

Today, we’re presenting a few important tips to help you relax in stressful times. Remember though, the most important ways to relax won’t be arbitrary rules. They’ll be specific and personal to you.

Make Space

An untidy house creates stress. There’s the stress of guilt that you haven’t tidied enough, the stress as the clutter bombards you with visual over stimulation and the stress of not being able to find the things you need when you need them.

When you’re creating a relaxing environment to come home to, the most important thing to do is shed excess clutter, and make sure everything you have left is the result of a conscious choice: it’s something you really need or something you really want.

If you feel more comfortable surrounded decorations and souvenirs that remind you of happy times in your life, that’s a great thing to aim for, as long as each thing has been truly chosen as meaningful to you, not simply dumped with the intention of doing something about it later.

One way to cut down the clutter is to put excess boxes in storage until you can work through them, sell them or even through them away. If you look for storage services in London you’ll find a whole range of options to fit your time scale and budget.


When you have a home you can really relax in, the next step is to find the activities that make you feel really peaceful. Again, it’s so important to remember these have to be specific to you: for some people, following a mindfulness meditation course will make them feel truly peaceful. For others it won’t be a good fit at all, and the traditional stand by of a candle lit bath will be precisely what they need.

The most important thing is to fully commit to whatever it is that helps you unwide, whether it’s cooking, playing a video game, or yoga. Schedule time to relax and don’t compromise on it: it should be as important as any other commitment in your calendar.

Turn off your phone, and don’t check social media during your relaxation time. It needs to be quality time for you, and you deserve it!

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