Acupuncture for a Speedy Recovery from Sports Injuries

Acupuncture for a Speedy Recovery from Sports Injuries

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right? Folks who play any type of organized sports probably know this better than anyone, since they repeatedly stress their muscles and joints, and sometimes moving so quickly, that they neglect (or forget) how to properly align their form and control their body mechanics.  

Sports injuries are different from others in that most individuals want to recover as fast as possible so they can get back on the court, field, and in the game. While sports and physical activity are encouraged from a health perspective, it is important to listen to your body when it is in pain and telling you to slow down or stop.

One of the ways to help your body heal after incurring a sports injury is through the practice of acupuncture. While many a sports person will seek to use the tried and true R.I.C.E. method; rest, ice, compression and elevation, sometimes that is just not enough.  

Others will incorporate the use of pain medications, but if used long term, they run the risk of taxing their liver and endocrine systems and in the worst case scenarios, can become addicted to the pain medications they are prescribed.

What is beginning to gain wider acceptance in the world of sports injuries, is the use of acupuncture as an effective treatment method. Both traumatic injuries (incurred by receiving a sudden blow or attack during a game) and chronic injuries (related to overuse and exaggerated play) are well suited for this type of homeopathic care.  

Acupuncture’s use of the body’s meridian system and expressed correlation between organs and pain sites, is for some, the most effective and efficient way to find true pain relief. And while recovering speedily is a relative term, pain relief is often enjoyed quicker with acupuncture than traditional pain medications.  

What kinds of sports injuries is acupuncture best for?

Martial artists have known about the benefits of acupuncture for centuries.  It is a method used to treat stubborn, unrelenting, often chronic pain that refuses to respond to anything else. Acupuncture has also proven itself to be an impressive remedy for strains, pulls, and other muscle injuries.

It seems that modern day athletes are starting to catch on to the idea that acupuncture, although untraditional and unorthodox in comparison to the “fill the prescription” society we have grown accustomed to, works.  

In addition to pain relief, another attractive feature to this kind of homeopathic regimen is that it can be used in concert with traditional, Western medicine. Acupuncture cannot guarantee tennis players a spot back on the court or hockey players a promotion on ice. Nevertheless, acupuncture can mitigate the intensity of the pain and the emotional distress it relates to, until it ultimately brings the level of pain to a far more manageable degree.

In short, acupuncture is a phenomenal treatment for any sports injuries that it effectively treats. Unlike medication that must be taken at specific times and between specific hours, acupuncture, within reason, can be used as often as necessary without risk of overdose.

This too, makes it a valuable resource in the pain relief toolbox for athletes and sportsmen alike.

Acupuncture as a holistic remedy for quick healing of sport injuries

For way too long, society has defined our aches and pains in a vacuum. If your knee hurts, then you treat your knee. And if your shoulders ache, you address those as well. Acupuncture, with its emphasis on treating mind, body, and spirit, while encouraging one’s body to heal itself, presents a dramatically different way of thinking.  

When we acknowledge that in fact, our bodies and the experiences each part undergoes, are all connected, we begin to understand how vital it is that we treat our bodies and our spirits as one entity. In order to feel whole, you must understand your experiences as they relate to you in all of your being.  

That includes your injuries, the sport you play, why you play it, and the drive to return to it. Acupuncture may seem a bit “out there” to some, but what it does for athletes and laymen alike, is bring the big, healing filled picture together.

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