5 Great Apps for Your Downtime and Why We Love Them

5 Great Apps for Your Downtime and Why We Love Them

When you finally get some time to spend on having fun on your smart device, you open up the app store and quickly find out there more apps than your time allows you to try.

Whether your smartphone is powered by Android or iOS, there are plenty of great apps for your downtime.

Today, we’re going to outline the top 5 you should check out right away if you haven’t already.


Meitu, the ever-popular photo-editing and selfie app in Asia, has lately been getting some traction in the western parts of the world as well. If you’re active on social networks, it’s easy to notice its effects all over people’s photo albums.

The reasons why this app is so practical and fun lies in its hand-drawn filters that easily allow you to transform and spice-up any one of your photos in just a couple of quick and easy steps. For example, by using this app, you can easily transform one of your photos to look like an anime artwork.


Are you simply tired of having to visit various different sources to get your daily dose of news? Now, it’s possible to access multiple news streams all at once from a single app. This is made possible by the app automatically connecting and fetching content from various sources like BBC, NPR, CBC, and so forth.

What’s cooler than carrying all your news feeds around in your pocket and being able to access them whenever time allows you to do so?

Final Fantasy XV

If the idea of growing your empire and amassing a huge army sounds at least somewhat appealing to you, you should definitely check out the new Final Fantasy XV that’s recently become available on smartphones.

The magic of the open world allows for an unlimited time you can spend in the game, and it’s your chance to prove your strategic prowess to the entire world. To see what the buzz is all about, visit the official app store on either iOS or Android and download final fantasy XV app right now. It’s free!

Google Earth

Google Earth has come a long way since its initial inception, and now you can access it on your smart device. The recently-implemented Voyager feature allows you to embark on a digital journey and virtually visit various places of interest all around the globe.

Combining the bird’s eye view with Google Street images won’t magically transport you to your dream destination, but it sure is as close as it gets!


This is the game of choice for all the collectible card game lovers out there. Battle your friends by constructing your own custom-made deck from the cards you unlock by either playing, or making small in-app purchases if time is of the essence.

Whether you want to invest hours upon hours into it or are simply looking for a bit of fun, Hearthstone is quick to get into and enjoy, since the rules of the game are easy to learn without compromising on its depth.


When you can finally enjoy some time on your handy smartphone, it’s best to make it count by exploring the best apps the marketplace has to offer. Have you decided on which one you’re going to be installing next?

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