Smart Phone Mobile CRM Apps Can Greatly Impact Client Relationships

Smart Phone Mobile CRM Apps Can Greatly Impact Client Relationships

In the United States mobile use rates are over 100%, and in Western Europe it is 129% (according to the U.S. Census Bureau Internet World Stats). Businesses now need to take advantage of this behavior by building smart, intuitive, user-friendly business applications for the mobile community.

There is, more often than not, a lack of understanding on the importance of using a good, solid, mobile CRM like Zoho CRM or address book application (Covve being one example that comes to mind) to sustain and build client relationships.

When business professionals can leverage detailed information about their client’s behavior, they can offer more successful promotions, and well-timed interactions.

Anticipating clients’ needs keep successful businesses ahead of their rivals. At any time during business interactions, it is easy to lose contacts, forget key players, and any key details while discussing important matters.

This raises the important question of what is the right application that provides the right tools to make the business professional’s life easier? For beginners they will want a comprehensive contact list that can be conveniently searched to find the customer they are looking for.

Finding good address book applications or a well-organized contact list can help with this. A lead-tracking tool also helps monitor potential customers throughout all stages, so fewer leads are lost, and conversions are increased.

Call logging is also helpful for collecting phone data in case there is a need to go back later for a review. If the user runs a product-based business or is in a service-based business with substantial inventory, some type of inventory control system is also important.  

Comprehensive metrics and reporting tools also keep professionals updated on the various aspects of customer management, so they make on-demand and timely decisions going forward.

Collecting and organizing actionable customer data is a full-time job. And a mobile CRM tool is a must for any business that wants to take their customer experience to the next level. The tool must assist the user in understanding the complete picture of the client to avoid losing revenue because of lost data.

When looking for the right mobile applications make sure the following criteria is met:

  • It allows immediate access to valuable information resulting in an increase in sales.
  • It shortens the sales cycle by allowing the user to dedicate more time to work on new opportunities.
  • It allows for faster planning and production.
  • It provides improved information insight.

Remember, not having these capabilities is an easy way to lose customers, and easy to avoid. There is often disjointed data in companies that have siloed teams with disparate processes and over-compartmentalized information. Different teams are managing various parts of the customer journey, and not seeing the customer the same way.

The necessity of correct contact data across the board, as well as company experiences is paramount in maintaining a positive customer experience.

Forget about sales pitches, give your customers what truly matters to them, and they will respond with loyalty, trust, and positive word of mouth. Do this by keeping up with their business by the most efficient means possible.

In this digital age, an authentic referral by a friend, via social media or posted by an app, can directly contribute to more sales.

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