Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid in Web Design

Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid in Web Design

There’s no doubt that you should learn from your mistakes when it comes to web design. However, a field that is so diverse and has been so widely explored in the past will have a vast repository of mistakes that others have made as well, which you must educate yourself about and avoid in your future attempts.

Whether you are working on a small-scale project or a proper website for a startup, SME, or corporate, avoiding these mistakes will go a long way in getting you on the road to success.

Non-Customizable Templates

As a designer, you are expected to deliver a template for the website. There are two approaches to this- the first being a static one where you make a template which is not customizable and is final, and the second being a fully-customizable approach. You should always make your template customizable because client expectations keep changing from time to time and are extremely fickle.

Since you are the one who is going to be tasked with integrating their new vision, you will find it very difficult to amend properties of a non-customizable template. Customizability allows tremendous functionality and flexibility on all counts. Read more at Las Vegas Web Design Co.com

Too Many Fonts

Typography is great, but like any good thing, there is only so much of it that you should include in your design. By using too many different fonts within the scope of a single site’s content, you will confuse and even irritate your viewers.

The key is to strike a balance so that your site looks good and people appreciate the fonts you have used but are not confused by too many of them.

Unstructured Navigation

Another big mistake that web designers make is to get so bogged down by low-level implementation details that they lose sight of the big picture- what the site is about, what you want people to see, and how easily you can deliver it to them. The result is a sitemap which is chaotic and impossible to navigate. Special care must be taken at every step to ensure that you are not creating a labyrinth in which the user will never find what he is looking for.

Keep navigation as simple as you can- limit the number of pages on the site so that there isn’t a lot of sifting that a user has to do. Keep the hierarchy very clear and have all your call to action buttons in the right places so that the viewers are able to find them.

Messing Up the SEO

Website design projects often have SEO as a bundled requirement, which means you are going to have to study it equally well. Above all, SEO is content and structure-centric, which means you.

Will have to keep good SEO practices in mind when you are coding your website from the ground up. Omitting these early on means you lose out on valuable SERP ranking space in the future or have to go through a lot of trouble trying to re-optimize.


You will also need to remember that the desktop or laptop computer is no longer the only internet-connected device, which means the majority of traffic on your site is likely to come from mobile and tablet devices. This calls for responsive design and websites which load fast and show what they need as soon as possible.

Compromising on this would surely spell disaster. Avoid these big mistakes, and you will surely be able to come up with a perfect website that meets all your client’s demands.

Clark Cole is a content developer and SEO expert working at a top firm. He enjoys blogging about web design, UI/UX designing and so on, and sharing resources like Las Vegas Web Design Co.com.

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