Listening Become a Pain – Properly Fitting Pair of Earbuds is Important

Listening Become a Pain - Properly Fitting Pair of Earbuds is Important

Earphones are made to personalize your listening experience. When you can listen to your music or watch your favorite video at your most desired volume, that’s enjoyable. However, this pleasure can easily slip through the cracks if your earbuds are either loose, too tight or are just not seated properly in your ears.

Whether it is as a result of earphone design, insertion angle or wearing out of the earbuds, ill-fitting earbuds can break your listening experience even if you have the priciest in-ear headphones.  

This underscores just how important proper fit is when it comes to earbuds. Let’s break it down.

  • Proper fit ensures comfort

When you invest in durable earbuds, you’re often seeking quality and comfort. You look for the best sound quality and a relaxed way to listen to your music. An ill-fitting pair of earbuds can be much less comfortable to wear, and this can significantly affect your listening experience.

Too tight or loose, uncomfortable earbuds can also create soreness in your ears as a result of prolonged impact against weak tissue. It is important therefore to use the proper-size ear tips to improve fit. Most earphones come with multiple ear tips of varying sizes. Trying out the various sizes will help you find the best size that is comfortable and secure to wear on your ears.

While trying to find the best fit, consider that the earbud does not fit too deep or too much further out for comfort. 

  • Tight seal is good for sound quality

Sound quality is everything to most people when it comes to earbuds. A lack of bass or poor frequency response can significantly reduce sound quality. Use earbuds with a tight seal to deliver enough bass, sound isolation and improved sound quality overall. Look for a pair of earbuds whose tips seal the ear canals, as such will deliver better sound quality in most cases.

To achieve a better seal, you may consider pulling the earbud gently upwards on the top of the ear while inserting it.

  • The right fit keeps earbuds from falling out

One of the problems to avoid is earphones that fall out of your ears from time to time. Yet loose fit is largely synonymous with high risk of earbuds falling out of ears. Choosing the right-sized ear tips for your ear canal can keep you from experiencing this problem.

First, put the right earbud in the correct ear. Look for the “R” and “L” etchings on the interior of each earbud to indicate where to use them. The “R” labelled earbud is designed for the ‘Right’ ear and the “L” labelled one is for the ‘Left’ ear.

Last words

In-ear headphones are supposed to provide noise isolation and a pleasant listening experience. This will be possible as long as the ear tips feel as snug as possible in your ears. The simple rule of thumb is to experiment with different insertion depths until you find what works best for you. Because achieving the best combination of audio clarity and comfort is not only possible but necessary.

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