How Does The Law Work for Cyclists Involved in Motorcycle Accidents?

How Does The Law Work for Cyclists Involved in Motorcycle Accidents

Everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star State. Getting around the state can be quite dangerous for new pedestrians and cyclists. Texans love their rides. Be it a motorcycle or a car; the residents like to rake up the miles on their vehicles throughout the year.

It can make it a little congested and confuse for those trying to explore the state on cycles or feet.

How should a cyclist in Texas prepare for the worst?

Texas surely has a lot of laws for the safety of car drivers, riders, cyclists, and pedestrians. However, sometimes things go amiss, and cyclists end up in front of cars or motorcycles. While most people tend to blame the cyclist for an accident, history has shown teams of injury lawyer Corpus Christi Texas otherwise. Therefore, here is a list of things you should NOT do on the scene –

  • Do not admit liability at any cost. Be quiet and note down all details.
  • Do not lose your cool and start cursing. Stay calm. Additional excitement can cause you to feel sick. An angry cyclist involved in an accident does not amount to a rewarding compensation.
  • Do not immediately get up and ride away. Take time to investigate yourself for injuries.

Here is what you should do in the event of a bike accident –

  • Get up and inspect yourself for injuries. Sit down and try to calm yourself down.
  • Take the contact details of the other people involved in the accident.
  • Take photos of the spot. You may miss many details while taking notes, but pictures rarely miss details.

How to claim compensation?

Any compensation aims to reimburse the out of pocket expenses of the victim. It can include medical bills, repair costs, loss of work due to injury, physiotherapy and rehabilitation costs and much more. Any good personal injury lawyer must make sure their client gets the maximum benefits following a court settlement.

The amount of the compensation does not only include the direct expenses. Sometimes, the pain and mental trauma are more expensive than the cost of physical injuries. If that is the case, it is also the lawyer’s responsibility to make sure their client gets what he or she deserves.

What is the ideal amount?

The amount of compensation varies drastically depending on the extent of injury the claimant has suffered. It is hugely influenced by the loss of earnings and the missed bonuses at work. If there is any loss of promotion opportunities due to limitations from the accident, your lawyers should ensure that you receive compensation for that damage as well. Other costs include that of household help and assistance, in case you have required those during the recovery process.

Since there are a lot of costs and verification process involved, you should always save the original receipts. Make photocopies of relevant documents that stand as a proof of your injury-related expenses. Once you submit these along with evidence of your physical injuries, your lawyer can estimate “how much” you can claim from the other party.

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