What is FR Clothing and Why You Need it? {Infographic}

What is FR Clothing and Why You Need it {Infographic}

FR Clothing aka Flame Resistant Clothing is a special type of dressing for people who work in hazardous conditions. They look like your everyday clothes but undergo extra treatment or special weaving processes to boost their ability to resist ignition and deter flames.

To give you a better idea what is FR Clothing and why you need it, FR Outlet has created the following infographic.

The infographic explains that you need to wear these clothes if you are an electric utility lineman, or you come in contact with energized electrical equipment, or you are a worker at a paint factory/ food plant.

These clothes can save you from fire related work injuries like fire and explosions, electrical arc burns, thermal burns, chemical burns and sun exposure burns.

The governmental bodies like NFPA, ASTM and ATPV set standards for these clothes and explain what you should be wearing under different working conditions. For instance, you need safety glasses, hearing protection, hard hat, cotton underwear, FR shirt and pants or overalls, arc rated face shield or flash hood, leather gloves and shoes of minimum 8 arch rating if you are working under hazard risk category 2.

The infographic also lists the top FR Clothing brands in the world, which include names like Ariat, Rasco, Bulwark, Workrite, Lapco, and Wrangler.

For more details, check the infographic below:

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