Why We Fail At Our New Year’s Resolutions

Why We Fail At Our New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, the internet is abuzz with people looking for ways to get healthy. The most searched topics are about fitness and weight loss. Though how many of us actually follow our resolutions throughout the year?

Let’s think about how many times we have actually worked out in the last six months. Now, you can’t just expect yourself to go from zero to 100 and expect to keep it up.

Most people simply fail at their health goals because they set unrealistic goals. If you are currently not working out at all, is it a good idea to expect to work out five days a week when the new year arrives? No, it is a better idea to pace yourself. Going all in and hard from the first week can backfire.

It can lead to burnout which will start to eat away at your mental resolve and your weights will be gathering dust by March. If working out starts to become a chore, you will stop doing it, it’s that simple.

So what can you do? Make it fun! Add variety to your training, and remember to add the same variety to your diet.

Here are some tips for staying on track with your health goals this new year.

Take A Supplement

If you are not feeling your best, then working out will really take a backseat. Today, you can get supplements for almost any health issue and to boost any nutrients you may be lacking. With the abundance of them on the market, picking the right one may be tricky. There are many Research Verified reviews online indicating what makes a top manufacturer and what you should consider when buying a supplement.

One excellent supplement which is beneficial for both losing weight and building muscle is CLA. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is generally derived from safflower oil and studies have found it to help with weight loss without reducing muscle mass.  

Healthy Food Is Not Boring Food

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions that healthy food means bland and boring food. And who wants to eat boring food for the rest of their life? But this is just not the case. You can make lots of delicious soups and even hearty stews and still be eating healthy.

The point is to be eating whole foods and not processed foods. Just making the switch from white flour to whole-wheat goes a long way for getting healthy and also weight loss.

Make sure to include a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet, and sufficient protein too. Your body can’t build muscle without enough protein after all. You can roast a chicken in the oven with some yams, green beans, potatoes and have a delicious and fulfilling meal which is also healthy.

Toss some leftover chicken with salad greens and cut up veggies for a yummy salad the next day.  

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for both our physical health and our mental health. It also helps with weight loss. Feeling tired and low on energy is why most people reach for sugary snacks or don’t make it to the gym, which doesn’t help your health and fitness resolutions.

So making sure you get enough sleep each night is just as important as going to the gym. Make sure to make it a priority too!

Make Working Out Fun

If you want exercise to become a part of your life, you need to enjoy it. If going to the gym and walking on the treadmill doesn’t do it for you, then find something that does. Working out can be fun! And with the plethora of workout classes out there, your options are endless.

Try pole dancing, ballet, hip hop, zumba, HIIT training, bootcamp, TRX, there is something out there for you, you just have to find it. You can also mix it up to keep things interesting. And when it comes to setting a workout schedule for yourself, don’t overdo it.

Make sure you also have enough time to rest. Be realistic in your goals and pace yourself.

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