Different Types Of Diamond Rings To Amaze Your Loved One

Different Types Of Diamond Rings To Amaze Your Loved One

It is known to be unbreakable and in fact, its name stems from Greek for unalterable. From the word ‘adámas’ comes the word ‘diamond’ which is perhaps the most famous gemstone when it comes to jewelry.

And if there is one piece of jewelry that goes perfectly with a diamond, it is a ring. You cannot really go very wrong when it comes to gifting a diamond ring to your loved one but here is some more information that you can keep in mind, because indeed, there are different types of diamond rings that can amaze your loved one.

How can rings differ from each other?

While there are many ways in which you can ‘categorize’ diamond rings, some of the most common ways to do so are:

  • By design.
  • The setting.
  • Carat, clarity and color.
  • The cut of the diamond and
  • The setting of the stones too.


There is the classic solitaire diamond ring which is just one diamond, set in a ring of metal. But if you would like smaller diamonds, in larger numbers, then you can consider the pave ring. Here, the entire metal band gets studded with small diamonds.

What if you want a combination of both? Then you can go for a halo ring where a large diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds and almost the entire band is covered with smaller diamonds too. You can also choose to go with a 3-stone setting.

Here, you get 3 diamonds in some combinations of size and cut:

The cut

There is a glorious range here too. Some of the most popular cuts are:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Marquise – think of an oval but with sharp ends
  • Pear
  • Rectangle and
  • Triangle cut.

Within each cut, there are variations too. For instance, if you go with a rectangle cut, you can choose from emerald cut, Asscher and cushion cut. A triangle cut diamond can have either straight or rounded corners.

Metal and settings

Diamond rings differ in their choice of metals too. White gold and platinum are popular choices but the combination of yellow gold and diamond goes back a long way too. How the diamonds get set in the ring is also another factor of differentiation. You can go with prongs which are tiny metal hooks that hold the diamond into the ring. Or, like a wristwatch, you can also go for a bezel setting for the diamond.

Then there is tension setting which relies only on the pressure applied by the metal of the ring to keep the diamond in place. There is also the channel setting where the diamonds are kept in place by a channel of metal.

Finally, there is also color of the diamond. Diamonds that are almost fully colorless are precious but if you want colored diamonds, then you can look for ones with white, yellow, red, green and blue too. Tinted diamonds are great for some personality but do be careful to choose the right cut and settings in order to make them look brilliant.

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