Choosing Colors for Your Restaurant – Your Absolute Guide

Choosing Colors for Your Restaurant - Your Absolute Guide

Choosing the right colors for your restaurant can greatly affect the mood of the customers. There are colors that can boost appetite, make customers happy and increase table turnover. From restaurant chairs and tables to walls, it is important that you pick the right color scheme that can be helpful for your business.

Along with the decor, use of texture and ambiance in a restaurant are essential in building customer loyalty. You need to understand the psychology of colors and what goes together to make an excellent color scheme.

There are also colors that suit what kind of restaurant you have or are planning to have.


Experts say that red increases blood pressure, heart rate and stimulates appetite. It can increase the table turnover as well because the color will make the customers eat quickly then leave. When people see red, they get excited emotionally and physically. This color is often seen in fast food restaurants.

Brown and Green

These natural and soft tones and colors will encourage customers to enjoy themselves and relax. It can make customers stay a little longer, which makes them order desserts or coffee after a meal.

Brown can give you a sense of stability, which will make customers return to the restaurant again. Salad bars, health food restaurants and coffee shops are always seen with these colors.

Yellow and Orange

These colors can uplift the mood of the customers. Squash-yellow and pumpkin-orange work great in a restaurant. They make people happy and feel less guilty eating sweets. These colors are often seen at ice cream shops, fast food restaurants, cafes and casual eateries.


This can give your restaurant a relaxing feel. It can also make the space look larger and clean, but do not use too much white because it will make your restaurant look more like a laboratory. This color can be seen in wedding venues, bistros or banquet halls.


Black is usually used to make other colors noticeable and more vibrant. Using too much black can make your space look dark or confined. You will notice that bars, nightclubs and contemporary restaurantsuse black in their spaces.


Most restaurants avoid this color, because the color blue is not a color naturally found in food. It can make the customers thirsty but can make them lose their appetite as well. You can see a touch of blue in bars, cafes, coffee shops and nightclubs.

In choosing the colors to use in your restaurant, you have to think of the experience you want your customers to have. Choosing colors should not be random or whimsical; they should be chosen thoughtfully. Whatever color scheme you choose, make sure that it stays true to your restaurant’s purpose.

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