5 Things to Cook in a Cast Iron Skillet

5 Things to Cook in a Cast Iron Skillet

We all have that one kitchen appliance that we seldom use. It could be because we don’t know how to use the cookware, or we simply don’t have the right recipes to try with it. For many of you, that kitchen appliance is an iron skillet.

An iron skillet is one of the best items to have in your kitchen. There are actually a lot of delicious cuisines you can cook with an iron skillet.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the 5 things you can cook in a cast iron skillet to help you get started.

Fried Chicken

A cast iron skillet is the perfect tool for cooking fried chicken. Most iron skillets have the right depth and have the ability to keep the oil temperature hot enough for perfect, golden fried chicken that is also cooked on the inside.

You don’t need a lot of preparations to cook fried chicken with a cast iron skillet either. Let the oil reach its optimum temperature and put the chicken in – already seasoned – for a few minutes. The hot oil will also season the pan.

Skillet Lasagne

You can also use an iron skillet to make a delicious lasagne. You can either go with the usual beef lasagne recipe, or try one with a Mediterranean twist by adding chopped asparagus, sugar snap peas, and sun-dried tomatoes.

When cooking a lasagne with an iron skillet, you can skip the layering altogether. Make sure you use an oven-safe skillet and start by cooking the tomato (and tomato oil), asparagus, and snap peas first.

Dutch Baby Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes, and there is no better way to cook pancakes than by using a skillet frying pan. A Dutch baby pancake is perfect for any occasion and it is very easy to prepare.

You take a standard pancake mix and cook a thick layer until it is puffy. Add caramelized apples or other toppings you love and you are all set.


If you want to get the perfect pizza crust but you can’t seem to hit it with the usual pizza pan, try cooking the pizza in an iron skillet. It holds heat from the oven or the stove better than most, especially when it’s seasoned.

You can use any pizza dough recipe and get a golden crust every time. Pre-heat the skillet to around 180 degrees for the best results.


Bibimbap is a Korean dish that is growing in popularity thanks to the rise of KPop and Korean popular culture. Preparing a bibimbap requires traditional ingredients, mainly the Korean red chilli sauce, rice, and some sesame oil.

Use an iron skillet, however, and you’ll get a delicious bibimbap with crispy edges. This is a dish you can eat out of the skillet directly for that extra heat.

All of these recipes are interesting to try. As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can use a cast iron skillet to make delicious dishes for different occasions. Try one of the recipes we covered in this article and you’ll want to use your iron skillet even all the time.

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