3 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Increase your Net Profit

3 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Increase your Net Profit

In business, increasing Net Profit is what we all aspire to! After all, the better the net profit, the more valuable the company and the more money that can be taken as a dividend or be reinvested into the business to make next year’s Net Profit even bigger.

Sometimes in business we spend all of our time focusing on how we can increase the sales side of the business rather than some of the expenses that are closer to home and much easier to control.

Increasing sales costs money, it’s much cheaper to reduce internal costs than to make more sales sadly. Generating leads is a minefield and using the ‘quick wins’ such as Google Adwords could add up to a pretty penny.  

So, we thought it would be good to help you make more money in your business and give you 3 of the areas that are quick wins when looking to reduce overhead, therefore spending less and making more money!

1. Choose the right phone system

These days it’s much easier to get a phone system that provides your business with all the functionality you need but you are no longer tied to the separate bills for everything. Before the last year or so you would have paid your phone line rental, each individual phone call, maintenance and support on your phone system in the office and even have to pay for new handsets!

Well not anymore, with VoIP telephony you can now get all inclusive bundles. So, your handsets, all phone calls and even the support and maintenance are included for a monthly fixed amount, much like your mobile phone. This package from Comms Consult is one of these such packages and can end up saving your business a small fortune.

2. Energy supply contract

How much do you pay per kWh for your electric and gas? I bet you haven’t looked in ages! It’s estimated that 70% of consumers haven’t switched energy suppliers and are still on the ‘default’ or expensive tariff.

Yes, we know. That’s data based on consumers, but we would guess that it’s even higher within the business sector.

Go on, think about the last time you looked at your energy bill? You just paid it, right? Well, it’s an easy way of adding more money to your bottom line.

3. Reduce your print spend

Not by stopping using your printer. But by shopping round for the best deal. Printers and photocopiers are similar to phone system, like we discussed above. The technology moves on at such a rate that cost savings are inevitable.  

Did you know there is a new range of multi-function printers from Epson that not only save you money on printing but also use 95% less energy than the comparative laser equivalent.

So, not only are you saving money on your printing costs, but you’re also saving even more on your energy bills than you were before you switched energy provider.


We can spend lots of time in business looking to grow the business through sales and to build turnover. Well, as ex-dragon Hilary Devey once said ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’! Get reducing some of your overheads.  It’s a really easy way to make more money for you and your business.

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