How Wix Makes Website Building So Simple?

How Wix Makes Website Building So Simple

Wix provides you an all-in-one platform for building your site, hosting it and managing it. There is no need to deal with another service to buy a domain and host your site. Everything can be done from one place and it means lots more convenience – not to forget that building your site on Wix itself is an easier task.

I can say that because I have built more than one website on this platform, and I would recommend it to others too.

Most newbies who want to create a website shy away from the task because they are confused about all these different steps involved in choosing a domain, hosting provider, and then building the site.

This is where Wix offers lots of convenience.

This step by guide on how-to use this free website builder can show you the simplicity of building a site on this platform.

Create Your Account

Signing for an account is as simple as using your Facebook account or Gmail account.

Select Website Type

This choice depends on the type of business you have and what your goals are. The different options are:

  • Business
  • Blog
  • Online store
  • Designer
  • Photography
  • Restaurants

And many more.

Most of the niches are covered and if you are unable to find the right option, you can select ‘other’.

This step is important because the templates and the options available in the template will depend on your choice.

Choose a Template

Once you have selected your website type, the Wix interface will present you with templates relevant to that selection. The interface displays all the popular templates but also allows you to search based on your specific requirements.

Then there is the option to search for templates in different categories. And there is still another option – a blank template. It allows you to start from scratch.

To be frank, starting from scratch is usually not the best option, since it will make the process a bit more time consuming, but this of course depends on your personal design preferences and needs.

Remember that even if you don’t find a template you love on your own niche, you can also choose a template of your fancy from another niche, and adapt it to your needs very easily.

Edit the Design

The selected template design can be edited by a simple drag and drop interface. You can of course also change all the textual information, including the company name/brand name, and descriptions.

Wix provides a simple, intuitive text editor. You can easily select the text’s font and size.

Add Photos & Videos

Wix templates allow you to add photos and videos to different areas. Try different colors or add colors based on your brand theme. Change the background to add a relevant image or video. I would recommend creating a color them that is relevant to your brand image.

There are so many elements that can be added to customize a template. There is an ‘add’ on the sidebar that lists all the different elements that can be added, including:

  • New text box
  • Buttons
  • Shapes
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Menus

You can also choose the element’s style.

If you have multiple pages in your site, you can customize each one. You can save one webpage and then edit the next one.

Add Apps

Wix also offers its own app store. Choose from a wide range of apps to add different features and functionalities to your website, including:

And hundreds more.

Add Products or Services

Even when you didn’t choose the website type to be an ‘online store’, you can add products later on during the design process.

The site builder offers a ‘store manager’ feature in the sidebar. You can easily add products or services by using this feature. There is so much more that you can do:

  • Add product images
  • Add prices
  • Choose payments
  • Shipping

Once you have created your website all that is required is to publish it. There is a preview feature that allows you to get a preview of your site with a click. Click on the ‘publish’ button and your website will be live.

The website is automatically hosted on Wix’s domain. It is however recommended to choose your own domain. The platform allows you to purchase custom domain without having to leave it.

If you want to add a blog page to your site, Wix allows you to do that. The sidebar provides the right option. If you want your website to generate more traffic, it is recommended to add a blog page. It will help increase your site’s content profile and further improve its search rankings.


Anyone with basic IT skills can use this free website builder to create a website. At no stage will you feel that you are in need of professional help. You will find everything at the right place for you to create an elegant, custom website. I would like to add that you should be careful when choosing the Website type. Once you have selected it, you cannot change it back. Else you will have to start from the beginning and will have to start the design process again.

Wix has millions of users worldwide. It is just the perfect platform for people like me who don’t have any previous experience in building websites. You can create stunning and professional-looking websites with just basic drag and drop feature.

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