How to Withdraw from Percocet Addiction?

How to Withdraw from Percocet Addiction

Percocet abuse can cause alterations in the brain wiring and affect the chemistry of the body along with changed behavior. Percocet abuse is more common than you’d like to think and many people use it for non-medical purposes.

Why You Need To Withdraw?

Percocet contains oxycodone, a substance that causes feelings of pleasure in the brain. It is usually take orally, which is also the recommended way, but such ingestion takes time to work. However, since this drug is a source of pleasure, many people also snort and inject it, which is not recommended.

When the drug enters the body by one of these ways, the effects spread quickly and give you pleasure.

Within a few days, this drug captivates a person and may turn him/her into an addict, especially the ones who are taking it in the non-recommending ways. If you are a percocet user and are finding it hard to quit the drug then it is more likely that you are dependent upon it by now.

Here’s where withdrawal is very vital and you must be aware of percocet withdrawal symptoms and how to withdraw from it.

Here’s how you can withdraw from percocet:

Withdrawing From Percocet

It is important to take steps to withdraw from abuse of any kind. Here are some tips on how to withdraw from the use of percocet.

Seek Medical Consultation:

The best way to start your withdrawing process is to consult a medical consultant who can help you. This is the most safe and effective way as experts know the ins and outs of withdrawal and also the risks associated with it.

There are many withdrawing symptoms that will accompany once you stop taking the drug. These symptoms may include:

The severity of these symptoms depend upon the time period one has been using the drug, the dose one used to take and the method of ingestion.. As discussed above, the non-recommended ways of taking in the drug can cause serious problems because the drug affects the working of the brain.

Reduce The Drug Dose:

If you are finding yourself craving for the drug everyday then you are addicted to it and withdrawing it all at once can be disastrous. Therefore, your best bet here is to reduce the dosage with time because that way there will be less and less dose of drug in the body.

People often make the mistake of cutting of the drug completely in one go. This can cause serious problems mentally and physically. The right thing to do here is to cut the dose by 20% to 25% each week.

Don’t reduce the dosage in half because then your body might begin to show abnormal functioning and cause you trouble.

Disadvantages of Consuming Drugs

Drugs were introduced for medical purposes such as reducing body pain, treating diseases, reducing risk of heart attack etc. However, that’s just one side of the story. Today drugs are abused and people get used to them causing an addiction, this is why they have side effects as well.

It’s true that drugs can help recover from illness but only when taken upon the advice of an expert. Here’s a scenario. Aspirin is known to prevent blood from clotting which is an advantage for people suffering from heart problems.

On the other hand, the same aspirin can bring destruction for a person who has a low platelet count or is suffering from esophageal varices (risk of dying due to excessive bleeding). Same goes for percocet, a drug used to decrease pain, but is now abused around the world. Check out percocet withdrawal symptoms to know how dangerous it can be.

Almost all drugs have side effects, which is why you must never consume anything without your doctor’s prescription. Even many OTC medicines are not considered safe.

While some drugs show side effects right away, some take time before side effects begin to show.


Percocet sure has its perk and reduces pain to a great degree but the drug is capable of making you addicted to it. Once you get addicted, withdrawing from it can be very difficult so make sure you are in contact with your doctor every week if you are on percocet for medical use.

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