Pet Friendly Home {Infographic}

Pet Friendly Home {Infographic}

Your love your pets, but sometimes living with your furry friends is a challenge. You want to create a safe and happy home that pets and family can happily share. That means taking a few extra steps to find and remove any hazards that are lurking in places like the bathroom and kitchen.

Keep in mind that what’s safe for humans can cause problems for your pets. It’s important to know which household items you should keep away from your animals.

Additionally, if you suffer from summer allergies, pet hair and dander can make your stuffy or runny nose feel even worse. While there are no truly hypoallergenic pets, there are things you can do to control pet allergens.

Vacuuming and changing your air filters regularly can help keep allergens out of the air. You should also keep your home clean of other common indoor allergens. Fresh air will keep both humans and animals stay healthy.

When it comes to maintaining your pets’ good health, also be mindful of what types of plants you have in your home. Some houseplants are poisonous to different animals, so if you don’t know if they’re safe for pets, keep them out of reach. Also note that various items throughout your home will affect different types of animals.

Your cookware, dental floss, and rubber bands are harmful to some pets. You can create a comfortable, safe environment in your home for you and your pets.

Just follow these four steps for a pet-friendly home.

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