What Is Managed WordPress Hosting & What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting & What Are Its Benefits

Does your website receive a high volume of traffic? Do you need a specialized wordpress hosting solution? Do you want to focus on your core business activities and want experts to manage your site?

In that case you should choose managed WordPress hosting because of its superior performance. Major companies such as jQuery and Plesk also rely on the features and benefits of WordPress to host their sites.

This guide will explain what managed WordPress hosting is and the benefits of choosing it.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed wordpress hosting addresses all aspects of server optimization to host your WordPress blog or website. The hosting team will manage the WordPress servers and can provide instant solutions to your queries. Some hosting service providers can also offer server-level caching and CDN.

This can mean that there will be no need for WordPress cache plugins for optimized server performance. Your site will be served faster and you can expect higher level of reliability.

Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting

The following are the main benefits of managed wordpress hosting.

1. Higher Performance

The advantage of choosing a managed wordpress hosting provider is that they have specialized environments optimized to work with WordPress. When you choose shared hosting, you will be required to spend on both software and optimization to achieve any performance close to that offered by a managed WordPress host.

WordPress hosting servers are configured in a way that your website will load faster. When the load times become shorter, your sites performance will increase dramatically. Some hosts have servers that enhance the caching, which will further eliminate the need for installing plugins or touching other settings.

2. Scalability

A unique advantage to managed wordpress hosting is that it will automatically scale the resources to address your website’s growing requirements. When you choose a shared hosting plan, the chosen memory may be enough for your new WordPress site.

However, as your web traffic increases, you will have to switch to a different package to meet the need for resources. With managed WordPress hosting, the RAM will scale automatically to the growing needs of your site.

3. Superior Support

A managed WordPress hosting provider will typically offer superior support. This is usually because such hosts are specialized in WordPress platform and this means that you are able to get access to advanced and useful technical support.

Besides, managed hosting also means that you are least likely to face any issues. You will have 24/7 access to a well-trained and dedicated team of experts through live chat and preferably through phone too.

4. Automatic Backup & Updates

If you manage your WordPress site yourself, you will have to ensure that backups are taken on a regular basis. Good quality managed wordpress hosting services also provide automatic backup.

Besides, your updates will also be managed by the support team. Most low-cost shared hosting plans don’t offer daily automatic backups. Usually, the more expensive shared hosting packages offer this feature.

5. Enhanced Security

Good providers offering managed wordpress hosting will also provide support if and when your website faces a security threat. In fact, they will have advanced systems to protect your site from malware attacks. The hosting company will manage the servers and scan them for any malicious activities or potential threats.

There are many more advantages of using managed wordpress hosting. You will not need caching plugin. Caching will be handled at server level, which boost performance and enhanced stability. The availability of scalable resources will further ensure that you are offered zero downtime.

Choosing Managed WordPress Hosting

When it comes to choosing the right hosting solution for your WordPress site, make sure to do some research to determine what works best for you. If your goal is to focus on your business core activities, you can choose a managed solution to ensure that all aspects of your website are taken well care of.

Do your own diligence and see what other WordPress hosting reviews out there are talking about. This will definitely make your decision much easier and on point.

Consider the above-mentioned advantages of this type of WordPress hosting and determine whether you need them and how they can benefit you.

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