Making It Easy for Seniors to Choose The Right Place for Assisted Living

Making It Easy for Seniors to Choose The Right Place for Assisted Living

The quality of life of seniors we see today is much different from what it used to be a few decades ago. Most seniors today stay active for long as they enjoy the sunset years with confidence by living the life in the way they want.

However, there comes a time when some seniors might want to enjoy community living offered by the assisted living facility in Wisconsin, to lead a life away from the family but without losing touch with the family.

When you are looking for some assisted living community for any senior member of your family, you might face the daunting task of selecting the right one. You are likely to experience lots of confusion in deciding the place that would be most suited.

Read on to know about how you can make the task easy.    

Get a feel of the place

For assessing whether the home would suit you, consider how you feel about the assisted living facility when you visit it for the first time. Do you like the location and the outward appearance of the facility and does the interior décor and ambiance appeal to you? How well the staff receives you on arrival is an indication of the level of hospitality you could expect that would give a home-like comfort.

The amount of warmth you experience in interacting with the staff and other members of the community would give you an idea of how well you can make yourself acceptable to others.  The friendliness of the inmates and staff member is also a pointer about the extent of gracious living that you can expect from the place.

If you notice happiness on the face of community members, you could gain confidence from it.

Evaluate the physical features of the place

How much the physical characteristics of the facility appeal to you are a measure of how much it meets your expectations. Pay attention to the floor plan to assess how easily you can move around the floors without any hindrance. The layout of the rooms must be easy to follow and the hallway and corridors spacious enough to allow free movement even with walking aids and wheelchairs.

Check if handrails are in place and the floor covered with a carpet of has an anti-skid surface to provide safety and support to elderly inmates during movements.  

The hygiene and cleanliness of the place must be your concern and make a note of what kind of medical assistance is available.

Gauge the level of services

Gather information about the services that are on offer and judge if it covers both scheduled needs as well as the unscheduled ones. Understand if assistance is available for all the daily needs even though you might need just a few of them.  

Ask about the housekeeping support that inmates receive and check if services of a barber, beautician, pharmacy and physical therapy are available at the site.

If you are happy with your observations on the above points, make sure that all services and facilities on offer appear in black and white in the form of a contractual agreement.

Ryan Woodruff is doing his doctoral paper on the trend of assisted living facility in Wisconsin. His work entailed visits to various assisted communities, and he chronicles his experience in his columns that he writes regularly. Ryan is a champion swimmer having represented his state.

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