The Kindle E-Reader Gears Up to Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

The Kindle E-Reader Gears Up to Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

It’s been 10 years since e-books could be taken on the go because of the ingenious design of the handheld Kindle e-reader. At the time Amazon released the Kindle, the catalog of books that users could pursue was notably smaller. In fact, a lot of traditional publishers held out on releasing some of their best-selling books via digital format until they could not ignore the demands of the public any longer.

If you are enrolled at Rutgers Online and have a concentration in the online master of information, then it is highly probable that you used a Kindle or a similar e-reader device for school. Here’s what’s happened in the history of the Kindle device and what e-book readers can expect to happen in the future.

The Popularity of E-Books

They weren’t as popular 10 years ago, but people have been reading e-books for a fairly long time. At first, e-books were virtually all released as PDFs, which meant that you had to have a PDF reader on your computer.

Speaking of which, there was no way to read a book on your cell phone or resume reading a book on your laptop unless you had downloaded it to your hard drive or had a Wi-Fi connection.

Since having a hard copy of a book was still more convenient than reading books digitally, people just didn’t understand how the Kindle would work at the time. Now, there’s Kindle Unlimited, which allows Kindle owners to read millions of different books on demand.

Whether you need to find textbooks to help complete your library science degree or just want to read poetry in your spare time, e-book readers are usually the preferred tool of avid readers.

Independent Publishers

Approximately 10 years ago, if you were an author and you didn’t have a deal with a major publisher, very few people were ever going to read your work. Independent authors had to pay to have their books printed, then they had the difficult job of getting people to buy their unknown works.

Today, there are many, many independent authors on the Amazon Direct Publishing platform, writing what they love and releasing their books to dedicated fans. Not every author who releases e-books is well-known, but they all have the option of getting their work in front of the public thanks to the popularity of e-readers.

Self-publishing on Amazon is simple and anybody with a great idea and a decent book can sign up for it.

The Most Popular Books Formats

If you order a newly released book and you select e-book format, then you can receive a copy instantly. Paperback books still sell, but they aren’t able to keep up with the popularity of e-books. Consumers want what they desire, and they want it right now. If anything, they’ll order an e-book to read now and go pick up a physical copy for a friend or relative later.

Authors you know and love who are at the top of the USA Today Best Sellers Lists are putting out their newest novels in e-book format, and they’re making just as much money from digital releases as their paperback sales.

Now that 10 years have passed since Kindles came onto the market, it should be apparent that e-books are ultimately here to stay. You can still read paperbacks and easily find trashy romance novels at supermarket checkouts. Instead of causing books to become obsolete, e-readers seem to have enhanced the market.

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