How to Kickstart Your Music Career

How to Kickstart Your Music Career

Budding musicians are always going to have to compete against established acts with big budgets and talented publicists. Yet, if you have the energy, passion and talent, there is nothing stopping you from gaining fans and recognition from across the world.

Find out how to kickstart your music career.

Create Original Music

Credible artists perform their own music. While there’s nothing wrong with performing the odd cover, you should never allow them to define your whole set. You must strive to write new and exciting songs, which are both meaningful and relatable.

Listeners are intelligent, so they will know if something sound unauthentic. Create original music that reflects where you are in your life right now. Also, if you’re excited by your songs, you’ll be excited to promote them, too.

Record Your Album

Once you have developed a hit list of songs you think your fans will love, the next step is to book a slot in a recording studio to record a music demo. It might be an unwelcome expense, but it is a necessary cost to get your music heard and distributed.

Try to work alongside a great producer, if possible, as he or she can improve your songs, vocals, and melodies to make your songs a hit.

Create Your Album Cover

After spending many an hour perfecting and recording your songs, you will need to create an album cover. Of course, people will instantly judge who you are and what your songs are likely to be like by how they perceive your album cover – so if it doesn’t complement your music, potential fans might be put off.

You should therefore use a professional album cover maker from Adobe Spark, which will allow you to take full artistic control of the artwork and give you a professional image, plus it’s free to use!

Create a Website

Do you want to gain more fans with each passing day? You will need to create a website, which must reflect your image and style of music. You’ll also need to keep it fresh and updated with engaging blog posts, new songs, live performances, or sneak peaks of recording sessions.

Don’t forget to promote your compelling content on social media to encourage engagement, secure new fans and potentially catch the eye of an agent or record label.

Collaborate with Other Musicians

Collaborating with other musicians will not only allow you to perform in a new way, but it can help to keep your music fresh and creative. What’s more, you could perform together at different venues or events to take advantage of each other’s growing fanbase.

Interact with Your Fans

Interacting with your fans can lead to stronger relationships, which can result in word of mouth promotion. You must therefore try to connect with fans both in person and across social media to secure their support. For example, you can stay late after each show to talk to your fans, sign autographs or take photos.

If you are willing to show your appreciation by talking to your fans, they will return the favor by buying your music and sharing your songs with their friends.

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