How to Keep Stressful Job in the Medical Field from Affecting Your Own Health and Mind-Set

How to Keep Stressful Job in the Medical Field from Affecting Your Own Health and Mind-Set

Picking a career path is a huge moment in your life. It’s that moment you decide what direction your future will head in, and it will lay out the process you’ll need to take in order to make that career possible.

If you’ve chosen to work in the medical field as a forensic nurse, then you’re going to be working to solve crimes on a daily basis and possibly save lives.

It’s one of those careers that can be extremely rewarding as you see what kind of impact you’re having on people. At the same time you’ll also be feeling the impact of the job in terms of stress. Stress in the workplace can be a risk factor for diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, back problems, and much more.

So as you work to complete your DNP or FNP online and take those steps towards securing your future, it’s a good idea to be aware of how stress in the workplace can negatively affect you, and how you can in turn combat it.

Start Dealing with it Early

Even as a student of your online DNP program, you will start to deal with stress pretty much immediately. Your studies will be focused on healthcare ethics, criminal law, healthcare administration, and pharmacology. So you can be sure that is a whole lot of content you will be learning.

This could mean long days/nights of studying, trying to make sense of content that is hard to grasp, getting assignments done on time, and basically giving the program your all.

You can actually look at this period as your training period in dealing with stress as well. The stress you will have in the field will be much more pronounced, so if you can learn techniques before you start your dream job, it will benefit you greatly.

Understand the Job

Another tip that will help you to deal with work stress is to understand what your job will entail, what a typical day will involve, and what will be expected of you. This helps prepare you mentally.

As a forensic nurse you will be responsible for taking detailed photos of wounds and injuries, recording patient history, describing injuries in depth, and making sure that the chain of evidence is preserved.

Make Sure You Look After Your Body

While your own body and its needs are pushed aside while you’re at work, in the off-hours it’s important your own physical well-being is looked after. What this means is that you include regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet, and enough sleep in your routine.

Find Relaxation Techniques that Work

There will be moments on the job where you feel the stress start to build, and in these moments it’s important to make use of relaxation techniques. This could mean that you step away from the situation for a moment, you count to 10, or maybe you take a few deep breaths.

Essentially you need to be able to hit a ‘pause’ button and stop the stress from increasing.

It Doesn’t Have to Over-Take You

While the position of a forensic nurse can be quite stressful, there are ways you can go about dealing with that stress in a healthy and effective manner.

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