Not What You Had in Mind: Flight Booking Errors to Avoid

Flight Booking Errors to Avoid

Flights happen every hour of the day and most are paying more money than needed for tickets. When you look back at travel costs, your airplane ticket may have had an attached price opposite of what you expected.

Avoid these all too common travel errors.

Clear Your Browser History

Smart marketers track the online behavior of searchers. For example, your online behavior may be tracked and the associated flight price may actually go up as the vendor tries to get you to make a purchase, fooling you into assuming the price will continue to rise.

You can avoid such wily maneuvers by clearing your browser history or searching in incognito mode.

Don’t Buy from the Booking Site

Plenty of booking sites aggregate data from several sources. They are convenient for those who are trying to find the best prices. However, many of these booking sites charge you an added fee, so it’s actually cheaper to find the lowest price and then buy the ticket from the airline’s website.

Fly Another Day

According to research, certain days of the week offer cheaper flights. If you there’s flexibility when it comes time to book a flight, you may want to compare prices for the days leading up to and the days after your initial flight date.

Choose a Smaller Airport

You’re paying for the size and efficiency of the airport in addition to your chosen airline. A ticket out of a major city’s airport is going to cost more money than if you looked for a similar flight from a rural or suburban airport.

It could be inconvenient yet saves a lot of money. Also, see about shuttle services offered by hotels like the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge.

Use Frequent Flier Miles

If you’re not a seasoned flier, you may forget you have accumulated points from the air and now a candidate for a reduced price. Be diligent when it comes to associated travel programs and frequent flier miles.

Don’t ever pay more than needed or assume rewards will be brought to your attention.

Sign-Up for Newsletters

Sure, you can use apps and online tools to find the best prices, but if you’re a fan of a particular airline, sign-up for their newsletter to receive alerts about discounts and ongoing savings. It pays to be a loyal customer. If you are partial to one company, see if it pays to be a repeat customer.

Don’t Be Too Late

There are advantages for those who call a hotel the day of interest and inquire about available rooms and discounted rates. However, it’s known the best time to book a flight is one to several months before departure.

See the Big Picture

Some score a good deal on a flight but don’t factor in the price of hotel rooms, transportation, dining, etc. Don’t chase the cheapest flight if you have to make too many sacrifices. See the big picture.

For example, red-eye flights are cheaper yet your internal clock may need time to readjust as you lose valuable vacation time.

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