Cleaning your Softball Bat get the most out of them

Cleaning your Softball Bat get the most out of them

A dirty softball bat might show your love for the bat or how busy you have been playing. Well, it might seem cool to have a dirty softball, but it gets filthy at one point. Cleaning will be necessary.

One reason why most softball players don’t clean their bat is that they don’t know how they are cleaned. It shouldn’t be a problem as the cleaning process is simple. Here are some of the ways of cleaning a softball bat.

Using a mild dish soap

Most people use a mild soap to clean their bats. It just requires tap water and washcloth. This method can be very efficient but depends on stain’s stubbornness. Cleaning the bat has few steps.

  •    Wipe your bat with a soft cloth to remove any loose grime and dirt
  •    Mix dish soap with warm water. This makes it sudsy. Dip a cloth in the soap solution and wring it to avoid dripping
  •    Wipe your bat with the cloth. Avoid getting the gripping tape wet

Using brush to remove tough stains

Some stains cannot be removed by mild dish soap and warm water. You will need a brush to scrub off such tough stains. Take a good brush that can eliminate the tough stain and have running water and soap and start scrubbing. A toothbrush can be used for smaller stains.

However, it has weak bristles and would take a longer time to remove the stains. A nylon scouring or plastic pad can be used to remove stubborn dirt. Residual soap can be removed by rinsing your bat under running water. This method can be used in cleaning ASA softball bats.

Cleaning liquids and paste

These pastes and liquids can be found at sports goods stores. They are designed for bats cleaning. A wet paper towel is dipped into cleaning liquid or paste before cleaning the bat.

A new bat needs the paste or liquid. Some bats cannot be used with paint chips and precautions should be taken when cleaning them.  

Using polish for wooden bats

Wooden bats need a different cleaning method from other bats. A wet cloth should be used to remove any dirt, and a wood polish should be used to get a beautiful shine. A lot of water may damage your bat and should be avoided.

A precaution should also be taken when applying polish to your wooden bat. Too much polishing can make the bat soft and break.

Using alcohol to remove ball marks

Ball marks might be hard to get rid of, but it can be cleaned with other methods. Using alcohol is the most effective way of removing troublesome dirt. Cleaning with alcohol involves simple steps.

Dampen the piece of cloth with alcohol and use it to rub the bat and then dry the bat. If the handle is made of leather, then use a shoe polisher to clean.

Using natural ingredients

When all the cleaning methods you can think of doesn’t work as you expected, then you can try natural ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil. Mixing vinegar and water can be effective in removing marks in your softball. However, more than three-quarters of the solution should comprise of pure vinegar.  

Some people use olive oil before washing it off using water. Adhesive can be removed from the bat by using a clean cloth with olive oil and rubbing it away.

Too many marks can be removed with warm water, scrub and lemon juice. As stated above, it can also be removed by spraying a solution of water and vinegar all over your bat. It is then left to rest for 30 seconds. It is then scrubbed with a sponge and dried with paper towels.

A wooden bat made of natural wood can be cleaned with fine grit sandpaper. You need to pick at least 200. The sandpaper should be moved in the grain direction of the wood. Don’t go over areas engraved areas.


Having a clean softball bat can make you look good and can also intimidate other players. It will boost confidence. These cleaning tips can always equip you with enough cleaning tips. Your softball bat will always be as good as new.

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