5 Best Educational Free Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

5 Best Educational Free Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

Nowadays, most of us are somehow “addicted” to our cell phones. Either for entertainment, or taking a break from work or just to kill some time, we spent more than a few hours daily in front of our mobiles.

Why don’t use that time productively, so we can learn something new every day while entertaining ourselves also at the same time?

Below are the best educational free android apps you should try out!

1. Learn Digital

Do you want to have a general knowledge about digital marketing? Then this app si for you!

“Learn Digital” is an application for those interested in learning digital marketing. It is no suitable only for beginners, but also for small companies who want to grow their online presence.

The course includes many explanatory videos and interactive tests. It lets you choose your educational plan and track your progress.

After you finish the course and successfully pass the tests, the app grants you an online certification by Google!  

2. Yummy Recipes

Even if you are an experienced cook or just want to start learn cooking, this is an excellent app for kitchen lovers.

Here you can find all kind of recipes accompanied by videos and instructions. There are also videos for those who learn some practical and useful skills, such as how to correctly use a knife or kitchen appliances.

The app is updating constantly and offers many ideas and inspiration if you struggling what to cook today!

3. SoloLearn Series

If you want to start learning about coding, then SoloLearn applications are an excellent choice. It covers a wide variety of programming languages, such as Python, Java, Javascript, Html, C++, C#, SQL, PHP and CSS.

Apart from courses, these apps include interactive exercises and tests. They are very well designed and don’t require any previous knowledge of coding, so even a total beginner can start learning how to code right away!

4. Google Arts & Culture

This app lets you explore world’s most famous museum and exhibits from the screen of your phone!

It not only offers thousands of videos and pictures, but also virtual tours, art recognizer, and even virtual reality mode ( if you have 3D glasses).

You can get information from over 1200 museums, institutions and galleries from 70 countries and save or share your favorite artworks.

5. Duolingo

Do you want to improve your English or start learning one of the major European languages?

Then Duolingo is the right choice. It is the most well-designed application of its’ kind, without being complex. It’s suitable no matter your English level for both experts to refresh their knowledge or beginners to start learning.

When you start the app, you complete a small exam and according to your results, you continue with courses suitable for your level.

It includes not only text exercises, but also speaking and listening exercises and a test for each section.

There are some other features to keep you entertained, such as in-game coins you can buy goodies and bonuses with, guilds and progression tracking.

You can find all above applications in PlayStore. If you know more educational apps or games or want to discuss anything about these, feel free to leave us a comment below!

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