Tricks You Didn’t Know About SEO

Tricks You Didn't Know About SEO

Do you think you know everything about SEO? Do you think you are unbeatable about the methods and techniques that make it possible to position web pages in the first results of Google?

However, natural SEO is a subtle art, which reveals all its mysteries only to the most ambitious. 

Here are just top secrets and tricks about SEO that you certainly did not know yet!

The SEO never stops evolving

It would be a mistake to see SEO as a set of fixed rules that will work tomorrow as well as today. On the contrary: the SEO moves constantly, evolving at the rate of the progress made by the search engines. 

The long train is in vogue

Many SEOs strive to work short and terribly competitive keywords. However, experience on search engines tends to personalize both the services offered and the way one communicates on them. 

Hence the interest of the long troll: longer key phrases (more than 4/5 words) that allow the users to find you by emphasizing your added value and the quality of your services.

Always propose fresh content

According SEO expert, users who search on Google do not want to get answers that go back five years. They want updated content that is relevant to their current issues. This means constantly writing new content – and updating your older articles (so you do not have to do it again!).

Long content is welcome

You may be hearing that nobody reads content too long – and that they have no impact on your SEO. That’s a nice idea. Because Google likes relevant content, and sometimes relevance is only acquired with a topic dealt with in depth. Developing a complex subject therefore requires a lot of words, even if it is not always an obligation. 

In addition, Google likes long content: sites that occupy the front pages often have content that exceeds 1,800 words.

Building relationships is good – but building relationships is better

In SEO SEOs, “link building” is the process of building the reputation of a website by getting backlinks. The more the site has good links, the more digital authority it has. But building net linking does not mean asking all the webmasters on the planet a “little tie”. 

It is a long-term job that requires building strong relationships with web influencers in the same field, and exchanging inbound links for real added value. In short, it is better to get high quality backlinks, and to do so develop strong relationships and not cultivate distant knowledge

Internal mesh is essential

We talk a lot about net linking, link building and inbound links in SEO. But the truth is that too often we forget the importance of the internal network: the creation of relevant links between the different pages of your own site. 

For example, inserting in a new blog article an internal link to a page with a high authority within your site, will help to optimize the listing of this article fresh.

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Rahul Ghundiyal

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